Danielle Colby

Has Danielle Colby Left American Pickers? Also Find Out About Her Net Worth, Marriage, Passion For Dancing, And More!

Danielle Colby was a member of a female roller derby squad for three years before becoming famous. Injuries, however, caused her to retire.

She is now a reality television celebrity and burlesque dancer in the United States. Danielle can be seen doing burlesque with her troupe and on tour with her band when she is not featured in the series. Her hectic lifestyle, as well as her love life, has caused fans of the show to wonder if she was departing permanently. You’ll find out more about it soon.

Daniell’s connection to the American Pickers was purely coincidental

After being cast on the antique treasure hunting show American Pickers, Danielle Colby-Cushman shot to fame (2010).

Danielle had more than just the show’s erotic appeal. She was also the key person who kept the store together in a show full of males. While Mark Wolfe and Frank Fritz went treasure hunting, she was the smart woman who made sure their riches were in order.

Danielle joined the show when it was sold to History Channel, even though it has been on the air since 2010. Before the show’s concept was even conceived, Danielle was a close friend of co-star Mike Wolfe.

Wolfe was the first person she encountered at a yard sale 15 years ago. Danielle was looking at a lamp at the time and debating whether or not to buy it. “The time to buy it is when you see it,” Wolfe joked as she set the book down for a bit.

Wolfe requested Danielle to work at the office of the antique shop Antique Archaeology after the show was created and sold to the History Channel. Danielle received plaudits for her elegant and sophisticated demeanor when the show launched in 2010 and went on to become a great hit.

Quick Facts

  • Date of Birth1975/12/03
  • NationalityAmerican
  • Birth PlaceDavenport, Iowa
  • ProfessionTelevision Personality
  • Relationship StatusDating
  • Ex-HusbandAlexandre De Meyer(?-?), Kevin Colby(?-2004),
  • Divorce/SplitYes (Twice)
  • Official Sitedaniellecolby.com
  • Daughter/s Memphis Colby
  • BoyfriendJeremy Scheuch(2015-present)
  • Net Worth$1.5 Million-$2 Million(Estimated)
  • Ethnicity/RaceWhite
  • Tattoo/sYes
  • LesbianNo
  • Son/sMiles Colby

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Burlesque dancing runs in her veins, and she continues to pursue it

Danielle Colby-Cushman was a burlesque dancer before becoming a television star. When Danielle was living with her family in Chicago, she saw a burlesque show starring comedian Margaret Cho and dancer Satan’s Angel and decided she wanted to be a burlesque dancer.

Danielle later engaged in a dangerous sport, which she would ultimately forsake. For three years, she ran the Big Mouth Mickies, a roller derby team with other “Irish gals.” When she understood that a roller derby player’s “shelf-life” was only about three to five years, she opted to leave the squad.

As a result, she started a burlesque ensemble with the same gals, dubbed Burlesque Le’ Mustache. Dannie Diesel’s Bump And Grind Institution, a burlesque academy she founded in 2014, was created to teach burlesque to other would-be fans.

She hasn’t given up her dance goals despite her TV profession. Her Instagram images and profile show that burlesque is still in her blood.

Danielle has increased her net worth by putting her passion to good use

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Danielle has a net worth of $1.5 million to $2 million.

Her job as a clever storekeeper is undoubtedly her main source of money. She is said to be paid $15,000 every episode, for an annual salary of just over $54,000. Wolfe and Fritz, her Pickers co-stars, are said to earn $500,000 and $300,000 per season, respectively.

However, the show isn’t her sole source of revenue. She also owns and operates 4 Miles 2 Memphis, a retro apparel brand, because she is an adventurous person. She is also a Batey Girls ambassador, a jewelry design initiative dedicated to uplifting women in the Dominican Republic who are victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence.

Furthermore, Danielle appears to be making a good living by pursuing her true interest. A burlesque dancer’s average wage is roughly $34,000, according to Comparably. Her net worth of $1.5 million appears to be justified when you consider the money she gets selling autographed posters and merchandise on her website.

As if that wasn’t enough, Danielle also goes on tour with her band, Gin Rummy.

Danielle’s first marriage ended in divorce due to her celebrity

Kevin Colby was Danielle’s first spouse. In 1996, she became pregnant with her first child, Miles, and gave birth to him on September 2, 1996. She became pregnant for the second time four years later, and they welcomed a daughter named Memphis into the family.

Danielle’s spouse did not appreciate the amount of attention she drew after her showbiz career took off. Their marriage suffered as a result of this, and they divorced in 2004. Despite her first disastrous marriage, Danielle did not put her love life behind her. Alexandre De Meyer, a French graphic designer, and illustrator remarried her a few years later.

Following their marriage, the two began living together in Chicago. Danielle’s two children from a previous marriage, as well as one niece, were also present. The couple was adamant about giving the children a happy, secure family life. However, things did not work out for them, and the couple later divorced without a formal announcement.

Danielle is currently seeing Jeremy Scheuch publicly. She was spotted on vacation with Scheuch. Although this was great news because it meant she was having the time of her life, it did raise an essential question from supporters, which was a little concerning…

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In 2020, has Danielle left American Pickers?

Danielle’s present standing on the show has generated a lot of buzz. Since the show’s production was delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 problem, there isn’t much current information available about its status.

Danielle’s departure was rumored to have occurred during her vacation with her lover. Her most recent Instagram image appears to show her in Puerto Rico with her current lover, Scheuch. While this does not imply that she is leaving the show, her interview with The New York Times did strongly suggest a new path for the show.

When asked about the possibilities of a “Danielle spin-off” in the future, she said she was open to whatever the future held in the interview. She also stated that, while her employment at the Antique Archaeology shop was enjoyable, she was confident that it would not be her last. She had signed a contract with the show and would stick to it. But she ended by suggesting that a spin-off would be fantastic.