Tasha Cobbs

Gospel Singer Tasha Cobbs’ Eyewear ‘Fritz’ Is Being Marketed With Celebrity Endorsements!

Tasha Cobbs, an American gospel singer, and songwriter has been a household name in the music industry for decades. Now, the boss lady has entered the fashion industry as an entrepreneur, controlling two businesses: Fritz Eyewear and Curve Athletics. This initiation has undoubtedly increased her net worth.

Clothing and Eyewear


The Grammy and Billboard Award-winning singer is also a businesswoman, having created two big brands in 2018 and 2019: Fritz Eyewear and Curve Athletics.

Cobbs named her eyeglasses line after her father as a way of paying honor to him. Because the singer was close to her father, she wanted to develop a collection that reflected his life motto, “Love Everyone.”

Fritz Eyewear Collection focuses on making one-of-a-kind and fashionable eyewear for men and women to complement their facial features and meet their individual needs. Curve Athletics, on the other hand, was founded to encourage body positivity and self-love among curvaceous women. Cobbs worked on the collection for almost three years, and it was designed with plus-size women in mind.

Exclusive pieces are built with a breathable and supportive high-end fabric that delivers both comfort and style in the garment range.

When questioned about developing a body-positive business empire in a recent interview with Forbes, the musician said she had done an extensive study before releasing her first collection. She also stated that she was motivated to develop a unique fashion brand for curvaceous women after being unable to obtain even a single piece of Beyonce’s Ivy Park clothing when plus sizes were originally released.

I contacted other manufacturers, including Kiki, who happens to have a plus-size line, and began asking her questions. And after finding a manufacturer, we launched our first collection. And people immediately jumped on it. So now we have curve athletics, which is rapidly expanding. It’s fantastic. I adore it.

Furthermore, she discussed how she decided to establish the eyeglasses business four years ago as a tribute to her late father, who was their family’s pastor. Every frame is truly prayed over. I’m quite involved. My husband and I send packages, respond to emails, and I believe in starting from the ground up. One of my passions is business. I’m enthusiastic. I’m a business owner. I love it.

Fritz uses celebrity endorsements in his digital marketing

The eyewear line appears to be popular not just with her admirers, but also with celebrities’ social circles since they have been seen wearing special Fritz Eyewear pieces.

Fritz has used social media and celebrity endorsements, which is the most typical marketing strategy in today’s digital age. The company’s official Instagram account, which has over 22k followers, posts a variety of images to market its products.

Aventer Gray, a social media influencer and wife of Pastor John Gray, is one of the eyewear collection’s brand ambassadors and is frequently seen wearing the eyewear. Fritz Eyewear has also tweeted a photo of another brand ambassador just two days prior, on February 6, 2021. James Fortune, a best-selling author, and public speaker, ws spotted wearing special Crystal Duke glasses from her collection.

Cobbs, the company’s owner, has been seen wearing fashionable spectacles at various events to promote her brand, in addition to several social media influencers and other celebrities.

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