Isaac Carree

Gospel Singer Isaac Carree’s Long-time Wife Dietra Carree Did Not Leave His Side Despite Allegations Of Infidelity!

Isaac Carree, an American gospel singer, has been in the business for nearly three decades. Issac’s song encourages listeners to find hope and sends the message that it’s never too late to start afresh. Dietra Carree, Isaac’s wife, and he have been married for nearly fifteen years. They’ve had their ups and downs in their relationship, but they’ve stuck together through it all, even an accusation of infidelity in 2013.

Fellow Gospel Artist Accused Isaac Of Infidelity

Deitrick Haddon, a gospel performer, publicly admitted his faults in 2013 while accusing Isaac of adultery. Haddon claims that he divorced Damita, his fifteen-year-old wife because she cheated on him with Isaac Carree. Haddon’s claim became a tornado of calamity for everyone involved because Isaac was also married to his wife, Dietra.

After being accused of infidelity, Isaac addressed the subject, stating that he and Dietra were both surprised and perplexed by the allegations. Isaac quickly refuted the allegations made against him, refusing to reveal private discussions to the public.

The third affiliated person eventually spoke up after almost a year of silence following the charges. Haddon’s ex-wife, Damita, alleged that when he was in a terrible situation, he shifted the blame to others. She did not, however, accept or reject Haddon’s charges of infidelity.

Dietra and Isaac Are Still Together And Very Much In Love Despite All The Accusations

Dietra and Isaac stayed together throughout their marriage, demonstrating to the world that love wins above all. Dietra stood by his side despite the accusations of cheating. The couple’s social media accounts are brimming with affection for one another and their adorable baby daughter.

Alaina, their daughter, will be thirteen years old in 2020. Dietra’s Instagram is filled with adorable family images.

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Isaac Carree wrote a song for his beloved wife

The singer from Greensboro, North Carolina, is 44 years old and has been married to his wife for over fifteen years. Isaac and Dietra have been married since January 24, 2004, and their romance is still going strong. Isaac lavishes his love and attention on his wife. He gives his all to express how much he cares, whether it’s on social media, in anniversary posts, or song tributes.

Isaac released Her, a song dedicated to his beautiful wife, Dietra, in August 2019. He characterized it as a love song written to express his feelings for her.

I’d like to write a song about my wife. I wanted to write a love song for her to express my feelings for her. Isaac has previously released two solo albums. Both albums debuted at the top of the Billboard gospel album charts. After seven years, the gospel singer released his new album, No Risk No Reward, in 2020, and performed a live concert on YouTube.

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