Mina Starsiaks First Baby With Her Husband

Good Bones’ Mina Starsiaks First Baby With Her Husband at The Age of 33, Her Bio, Family & More

Facebook is fast losing users as a result of data leaks and threats to user privacy.

However, Facebook will always be precious to American reality actress Mina Starsiak, not just because it helped her establish a passion-driven career, but also because it helped her discover a life mate.

Mina Starsiak is most known for her role on the HGTV reality show Good Bones. The program Good Bones is about two ladies, Mina and her mother Karen, who are involved in buying run-down properties and renovating them into new ones.

She is an entrepreneur and a real estate agent who owns the company Two Chicks And A Hammer, in addition to being a TV celebrity.

Mina Starsiak’s Bio Says She Owes Her Success to Facebook

Mina Nicole Starsiak was born on November 26, 1987, in Indianapolis, Indiana, to mother Karen Laine and father Casey Starsiak.

Mina is the second oldest child, with a total of seven siblings (5 step-siblings and two biological siblings) from both of her parents’ marriages after they divorced when she was a toddler.

She attended a local Indiana school for her education. At the University of Indiana, she studied Business and Sociology.

After winning a contract to refurbish a property alongside her mother in 2007, she began her profession as a real estate agent. After the renovation was completed successfully, they established a well-known real-estate firm.

This drew the attention of HGTV’s Good Bones casting director, who swiftly browsed her Facebook profile and was impressed by her work. Mina and her mother joined Good Bones after a phone call and a successful meeting, and the rest is history.

Good Bones has aired two seasons so far, and Mina and her mother have reaped the benefits of the show’s acclaim and celebrity. In addition, the show has given them a platform to promote their restoration business, and they are now one of the busiest restorers in the United States.

Her net worth has increased as a result of her performance on the show.

Mina Starsiaks With Her Husband
Mina Starsiaks With Her Husband (source: House Beautiful)

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Mina Starsiak’s Lucky Guy: Who Is Her Husband?

Facebook is also to thank for the stunning and level-headed star’s personal life, just as it is for her work life.

She met her future spouse on the social media platform and fell in love with a person she met through mutual connections. Stephen aka Steve Hawk and Mina Starsiak tied the knot love in 2016 after seeing each other for a few months.

It’s not uncommon for a married couple to have disagreements. A similar situation arose between the two lovers, resulting in their temporary breakup. However, the couple worked out their disagreements and are now happily married.

In addition, the couple has been blessed with a new family member. In 2018, they were welcomed into the world with a newborn son named Jack.

With each passing minute, the couple has set fresh relationship goals for themselves.

Congratulations on your new beginning as a married couple with a newborn kid!


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Mina Starsiak and Her Mother Have Been Charged with Trespassing

Who wouldn’t want to work with a mother, who is both nurturing and friendly? Karen Laine, Starsiak’s former defense attorney mother, is one of the few people who has had the opportunity to work with her.

The mother and daughter combo is extremely close and, despite their opposing personalities, is a tremendous hit with their audience. Furthermore, Karen’s hippie-like personality and Mina’s mummy-like personality have aided in bringing out the best in the mother-daughter duo’s work.

A person with a calm demeanor. Mina has never been involved in any type of controversy. During the filming of the second season of Good Bones, however, one of their client’s neighbors sued the mother and daughter for breach of contract.

Even though the lawsuit involves stars from a popular reality program, nothing has been revealed about it.

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