Fin Argus

Gay Actor Fin Argus Claims Fellow Actor Ezra Miller Helped Them Find Themselves!

The queerness of Fin Argus and the entertainment industry have had a significant impact on one another. The gay actor has been on television as a few LGBT characters.

Additionally, Argus came to terms with their LGBT identity because to a gay character in a movie. In a 2012 film, the role was played by Ezra Miller, another LGBT actor.

Fin Argus on How Ezra Miller Made His Queerness Come to Life

A handful of Argus’ films deal with the LGBTQ+ community. They played Mingus, a homosexual character on Queer as Folk, whose journey to coming out as gay matched their own. In an interview with The Queer Review, Argus went into greater detail on how they first became aware of their queerness and shared the first time they felt represented on television.

They claimed that “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” was the first television or motion picture in which they truly recognized themselves. Miller played an openly gay role in the 2012 film, which amazed Argus.

Miller’s Patrick participates on the live Rocky Horror Picture Show in addition to being out about his sexuality. Patrick does an androgynous drag at one point during the film. Argus reacted to the portrayal by saying, “When I watched it, my mind was blown, because I’d never seen androgyny in that form before and I had never seen such self-actualized and self-assured queerness.” I was greatly inspired by him.

Young Argus acknowledged that Miller and Patrick had a significant influence on him and claimed that the character “sort of brought [their] queerness to life.”

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Fin Argus on How Gay Characters Are Represented on TV

Argus has been seeking out work with diverse representation since since Miller originally inspired them. They had worked on other similar projects up to this point, but Queer as Folk was the most significant.

They started reading up on the original Queer as Folk, which was released when they were just one year old, as soon as they received the script for the show and their character, Mingus. They also like the writings of the author, Stephen Dunn.

They so accepted the part because they wanted to participate in LGBT storytelling as much as because they appreciated the writing. I’m incredibly enthusiastic about LGBTQ narrative, so being a part of this new edition has been a treat, according to Argus.

They were also portraying a queer character for the first time, but it was the appropriate move for both them and the character. They declared, “I’ve truly embraced my queerness and I get to express that on television in a really fascinating way.”

In the story, Mingus is discovering who he is and where he fits into society, which is what Argus intended to show. They performed drag for the first time at Queer as Folk, and it was a fantastic experience.

Particularly on Instagram, Argus is quite public about being gay. Their Instagram is flooded with creatively inspired photos that display their eccentricity and unabashed candor. They have never truly stated that they are gay, despite these, though.

But they have made hints about it. On September 1, 2021, they revealed that they had joined the regular cast of Queer as Folk, which was one of those occasions.

In their announcement post, they stated, “this my face after sobbing so many gay tears of joy over the previous month.”

How people wish to spread happiness throughout the world affects even their ideal roles.

In 2020, they told Schon magazine, “If I should be so lucky, I would like to take on roles that challenge me to fully sympathize with fresh perspectives and magnify messages of constructive change.” No single job comes to mind because that goal may take on so many different forms, but it is unquestionably the standard I aspire to. They claimed they used the same strategy for all future endeavors, whether they involved acting roles or musical endeavors.

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