From Bio and Career to Divorce with Ari Melber and Net Worth of Drew Grant

Drew Grant

Drew Grant married Ari Melber, the guy she believed was meant for her. Unfortunately, they did not make it. However, she rarely has anything to repent about because love has returned to her, disguised as a new man.

Aside from being known as the former wife of Ari Melber, the anchor of MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber, the American native has established herself as a writer/editor and journalist. She also works as a professional pop culture/true crime aficionado for Ranker, a digital media organization.

Here are some interesting Drew Grant wiki/facts ranging from her bio and married life to her net worth:

Drew Grant’s Wiki-style bio: She Won’t Reveal Her Age

Grant has opted to keep her date of birth a secret, which makes her age a complete mystery. However, it is known that she was born in Park Slope, a neighborhood in northwest Brooklyn. She, on the other hand, grew raised in Delaware with her family.

The journalist graduated from Oberlin College in Ohio in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Arts in English Language and Literature.

She didn’t have to wait long to put her knowledge to use, as she was offered a position at 236.com, a sister site to Huffington Post. After graduating, she worked there for a year as a pop culture editorial assistant.

There is undoubtedly more to her professional background, as she has worked for various media networks.

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Drew Gants and Ari Melber’s Wedding: What Went Wrong?

Melber met Grant at a social function in 2010 when he was just starting in his now illustrious media career. They had been dating for over three years before deciding to marry in 2014.

The sad reality was that their marriage lasted barely three years, and by 2017, the husband and wife were already in the process of divorcing.

Melber and Grant have not revealed the grounds behind their split. The speculation, though, is the distance that Melber’s meteoric climb to fame in journalism has created.

Drew Gants and Ari Melber's Wedding
Drew Gants and Ari Melber’s Wedding

Drew Grant and Ari Melber have both found a new love!

Grant appears to have moved on easily because she met her new man, Richard Alexander, the same year her marriage to Melber ended.

However, little is known about her new boyfriend. However, she is rediscovering her love life and experiencing it to the utmost. And we predict they will be together by 2021.

Melber was photographed on a romantic lunch date with actress Alexandra Daddario in August 2018.

Daddario is said to be dating Brandon Wallace as of 2021. So it’s safe to conclude Melber and her are no longer a thing – if they were ever a thing at all.

Drew Grant
Drew Grant

Drew Grant’s Career: Is She Worth As Much As Her Ex-Net Husband?

Even though Grant’s career has taken off, she still has a long way to go before she can compete with her ex-husband, Melber, in terms of professional accomplishments.

Initially, her career was centered on many media networks, including RealClear Media Group, New York Observer, Salon, Crushable, and 236. com. She now works at Ranker, where she can share her knowledge.

She is perfectly suited to the role of writer and editor. Her journalistic side emerges from time to time through the networks for which she has worked.

There are few specifics about her finances other than the fact that she used to make an average of $3 thousand per year when working for the New York Observer. She had been there for over five years. Her net worth is unknown, although her ex-husband has a net worth of $12 million.

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