Nathan Fillion

For His Chiseled Physique In ‘The Rookie’, Actor Nathan Fillion Followed A Strict Routine!

Nathan Fillion, who played John Nolan in The Rookie in 2018, detailed his preparation regimen in one of his interviews from 2018. Fans observed a huge shift in the actor’s weight after the start of season 2 of The Rookie and took their worries to the internet.

Getting In Shape For The Part


Fillion acknowledged in one of his Build Series interviews that he worked hard to get in shape for his role as a rookie cop with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). In the interview, the star of A Series Of Unfortunate Events discussed how he keeps his body in shape by reducing sugar and bread consumption.

In addition to the food modification, the actor stated that he has been exercising and drinking plenty of water. Fillion also claimed that, in addition to the diet and fitness routine, he purchased a step-tracking watch and made it a point to walk 12,000 steps every day.

Fillion joked that reaching the 12,000 mark is difficult for him at his age and that he is too elderly to read the number of steps on his watch. In an interview with TV Insider, the Canadian native also admitted to working with police consultants and having them on-site to keep the show as realistic as possible.

On the negative side, the actor admitted that the part was physically taxing for him due to his weak knees.

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Fans have taken notice of his weight loss

Fillion’s admirers discussed his dramatic weight loss when the second season of The Rookie began on ABC. Many of his fans congratulated him on his new look on Twitter. Some admirers, on the other hand, we’re worried about the actor’s health.

Some of the actor’s admirers speculated that his weight loss was linked to his future involvement in the Suicide Squad revival.

The actor has been silent on the subject of his weight. However, in a Tweet from September 30, 2019, the actor stated that in the upcoming season, he would be sporting a chiseled face.

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