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Find Out The Net Worth Of Travis Hollman With His Company Growing!

Stephanie Hollman of The Real Housewives of Dallas is married to Travis Hollman, who also serves as the chairman of Hollman, Inc. The business manufactures glass walls for squash and racquetball courts, exercise lockers, and playing surfaces in addition to having cutting-edge employee and family benefits.

The husband of Stephanie Hollman is thought to have a net worth of roughly $18.0 million, and he has lofty goals to increase his company’s revenue to over $100.0 million over the following three years! Continue reading to learn more about this budding business magnate.

Viewers of the American reality television program The Real Housewives of Dallas on Bravo TV are inquisitive about the husbands of the ladies that feature in it. Stephanie Hollman, one of the richest women on the show, is an example of such a housewife.

The reality show frequently features Travis Hollman delivering lavish presents to his wife, so it’s understandable that people are curious about his money. They are specifically interested in his financial worth and his sources of income.

Travis Hollman, who was born in the United States on May 4, 1969, is 49 years old. He completed a business and management degree at the University of San Diego in California after graduating from Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon.

His father left him a business to inherit

Sources claim that Travis Hollman has an increasing net worth of about $18.0 million. The majority of the funds originate from the operations of his father’s business, Hollman, Inc., which was established in 1976.

This profitable business was left in Travis Hollman’s will, and he serves as its chairman at the moment.

Travis Hollman: What Does He Do?

Hollman, Inc. makes racquetball and squash courts as well as exercise lockers for its customers. The company creates courts that have been tested in competition and are approved by the World Squash Federation and American Amateur Racquetball Association. All across the world, colleges and leisure institutions have been given these playing courts.

For clients like Planet Fitness and LA Fitness, the business’ Altempco Glass subsidiary develops structural glass wall solutions. Making “view walls” for handball, racquetball, and squash courts is its area of expertise.

Due to their possession of a patent that forbids the use of comparable technology by other businesses and manufacturers, Hollman, Inc. is making a killing with their glass wall systems.

Stephanie Hollman Regularly Acquires Gifts

Travis Hollman gave his wife a pricey Rolls Royce a number of years ago. He gave her the car as a gift for their anniversary; it was the identical one that they had rented for their wedding.

He’s also often gifting Stephanie pricey gifts. He has been known to give her gifts that are in the $70,000 area while acting as though they are only pennies to him.

The Business Controls the Market

Hollman, Inc. is the only American maker of laminate and wood lockers that has received AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute) certification, according to their website.

The business has designed locker rooms for large stadiums like Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois, and supplied lockers to well over 500 institutions. Since launching its operations in 1976, Hollman, Inc. has produced more than two million lockers. Nearly all of the country’s top golf courses have the company’s lockers, which are also available in local gyms, business buildings, and medical facilities.

Apple, Google, The New York Times, and Goldman Sachs are just a few of its clients.

Hollman, Inc. is debt-free and self-funded. Hollman hopes to increase the company’s existing annual sales of $50 million within the next three years.

Hollman has put forward creative policies

After his father’s retirement, Travis Hollman took over management of the business in March 2015 and has since made a number of beneficial adjustments to Hollman, Inc For instance, Hollman, Inc. has a new program whereby his business will pay for its employees’ attendance at North Lake College in Dallas, Texas, as well as the attendance of their spouses and other dependents. The Hollman HELPs program includes this employee perk scheme.

When Hollman discussed this new firm initiative with the media, he said, “I have employees who have been working here for 25 years…

Their families deserve this, their children deserve something…

They have earned this.

He Is an Entrepreneurial Artist

Earlier than taking over Hollman, Inc., Hollman had established a business called ViB back in 2008. An novel relaxation drink, as opposed to the numerous energy drinks on the market, was one of its first offerings. The company increased by 252 percent in 2009 and by 400 percent in 2011 as a result of the success of the product.

Vacation in a Bottle, or ViB, was offered in more than 4,500 grocery and convenience store retailers in 2011 and 2012.

With his product, Hollman made a lot of money and gained a lot of admiration for his business sense and innovation.

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The Mansion of Travis Hollman Is Fit for a King

It is not surprise that Hollman, his wife Stephanie, and their two kids, Cruz and Chance Hollman, reside in a large estate in Dallas, Texas. Hollman’s gorgeous and roomy 8,631 square foot home just underwent significant upgrades for which he recently spent over $1.7 million.

The indoor pool was built directly in the middle of their living room after he purchased the house at an auction for much less than the $8.2 million asking price. He has now transformed the pool into a comfortable seating area where his family may relax.

Four bedrooms, six bathrooms, an elevator, a large fireplace, a family room with a wet bar, and a pool in the backyard next to a lake are all features of Hollman’s home. It also has a trampoline, a hot tub, a terrace, a steam room, a basketball court, and other amenities. Additionally, the home features a sizable garage where Hollman keeps his impressive collection of antique cars.

His Future Plans Are Ambitious

Because he is ambitious, Hollman has high hopes for the future of his business. He is accountable for ensuring the welfare of both his large family and the numerous employees at his business.

Travis Hollman has set his sights high on an exciting future with the support of his devoted wife and family, a desire for learning, and a mind full of creative ideas.

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