Famous Celebrity Wife Sara Kapfer

Famous Celebrity Wife Sara Kapfer’s Biography, Children, Net Worth, and Parents

Divorce is a difficult experience for any married couple, especially if they have been married for more than 20 years and have children.

Sara Kapfer and her former husband Cuba Gooding Jr’s happy married life has come to an end after the two agreed to divorce.

Kapfer rose to prominence following her marriage to Jerry Maguire actor Cuba Gooding Jr. Despite their decision to divorce, the two maintain a good relationship and are frequently seen together in public.

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Sara Kapfer’s Biography Is A Hard Shell

Even though her ex-husband is a celebrity, Kapner prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

Sara’s exact birth date, as well as when she celebrates her birthday, is unknown. Similarly, no information about her parents or her school and university years has been revealed.

Any details about her height and weight have yet to be revealed. However, Kapner appears to be shorter than her husband, who stands at 1.78 m.

Sara Kapfer with Her Husband
Sara Kapfer with Her Husband (source: Biographics World)

Sara Kapfer Files for Legal Divorce!

Every marriage experiences ups and downs. Some are worthwhile to go through, while others are simply too difficult to bear. Sara and her husband appear to have grown apart out of love.

Sara Kapfer and her celebrity ex-husband have called it quits after more than 20 years of marriage. Sara filed for legal separation in 2014, citing irreconcilable differences, and her husband filed for divorce in 2017.

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Sara and Cuba met in high school and dated for seven years before deciding to marry in an intimate wedding ceremony in 1994. They have three children: Spencer, 19, Mason, 17, and Piper, 8.

Cuba Gooding has agreed to pay spousal support to Kapfer, who has requested joint custody of their children.


Let’s Find Out How Rich Sara Kapfer Is

Despite having a world-famous celebrity husband, Sara Kapfer has kept her personal life very private. There has been no official information released about her income or net worth.

Being married to a celebrity has its advantages. Her husband’s net worth of 15 million dollars must have increased her worth. She also increased her earnings as a school teacher. A teacher’s annual salary is approximately $49136. A reasonable wage can be earned.

However, any information about her income is only a possibility. Sara is the only one who can confirm it.

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