Facts To Know About Slash’s Girlfriend Meegan Hodges

Slash’s Girlfriend Meegan Hodges

Slash dated Meegan Hodges in the early 1990s, when he was the lead guitarist for the famous hard rock band Guns N’ Roses.

After more than two decades, she reconnected with him and is now his girlfriend once more. Hodges married musician Mark Knight, with whom she has two daughters, during their separation.

She is being held responsible for disrupting Slash’s divorce proceedings from his estranged wife, Perla Ferrar. Hodges is unconcerned and has the full support of Slash.

Slash is having both good and bad luck right now. The former lead guitarist of hard rock bands such as Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver is attempting to reorganize his personal life.

The bad news is that his ongoing divorce from Perla Ferrar continues to hit roadblocks and is being delayed. In the meantime, Slash is finding solace in the arms of his girlfriend, Meegan Hodges.

According To Ferrar Slash is hiding his Money, Net Worth, Salary

Even though his real name is Saul Hudson, he prefers to go by his professional name, Slash. He’s currently working on a new album with Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators, but personal issues are keeping him from finishing it.

Slash filed documents in a Los Angeles court denying Ferrar’s claims that he was hiding his income from her.

Ferrar also claimed that Slash’s current girlfriend, Meegan Hodges, is behind a Twitter account that posts harassing comments about her and her children.

Slash claimed that his children were not targeted by the account and that many of the posts came from Ferrar’s account.

The musician also told the court that he would only look into the matter if Ferrar granted him the divorce on the terms they had previously agreed on.

Many people are curious about this “other woman” who made Ferrar so bitter. So, here are some Meegan Hodges facts.

Meegan Hodges Age 2024: Who Is She?

Meegan Hodges is 55 years old born on November 30, 1968, in the us. Her sun sign is Sagittarius.

Hodges and Slash were once in a relationship. The couple has a long history of being together.

They had a Romance a Long time Ago

Erin Everly, the former wife of Gun N’ Roses lead vocalist Axl Rose, shared a room with Hodges.

Rose and Everly married in the early 1990s, around the time Hodges began dating Slash. However, Hodges later married musician Mark Knight, the founder of the rock band Bang Tango.

Hodges and Knight have two daughters. It’s unclear whether Hodges is still married to Knight, but she’s been making headlines lately with Slash.

Relationship status: Hodges went on Vacation with Slash and Her Daughters

Slash and Hodges have been spotted all over Los Angeles in recent years, and they have been living together since January 2015.

Slash and Meegan met for the first time at Metro Chicago. She shared a photo of him on her IG handle captioning,

“That walk! Damn Baby! How many more days? (took this photo where at the place where we first met.) ❤️ #iloveyou #forever #slash #partnerforlife”

Hodges lives with Slash in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. The 6,400-square-foot mansion, which has six bedrooms and ten bathrooms, was purchased for $6.25 million in December 2017.

The couple has also travelled with Slash’s sons, London and Cash, including a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Slash has tried to be fair by going on fun trips with Hodges and her two daughters, Lucy-Bleu Knight born on 6th December 1998 and Scarlet Knight born on 27 November 2000.

Her firstborn Lucy-Bleu is a special FX makeup artist and painter who has been compared to a young Audrey Hepburn.

Meegan Hodges: Social Media

Hodges is a creative individual, as evidenced by her Instagram account.

Meegan is active on social media including Instagram with over 290k followers and Tiktok with more than 68.5K followers.

Meegan Hodges’ Instagram account is filled with pictures of Slash playing guitar on stage, Hodges’ daughters, stills and cartoons from famous horror movies, pictures and sketches of famous cinema villains such as Count Dracula, and a few quotes.

There are also photos of famous singers such as Robert Plant and Aretha Franklin, as well as stills from films such as Blues Brothers and Frankenstein. Of course, there are some photos of Hodges cuddling up to Slash.

Still Maintaining the Flame

While Perla Ferrar blames Meegan Hodges for the mess her life has become, Hodges is quietly spending as much time as she can with Slash and assisting him in focusing on his music. After all, she’d known him for a long time.

Old friendships and loves to endure!

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