Shamea Morton with Gerald Mwangi

Facts to Know about Shamea Morton’s Husband Gerald Mwangi

The bride has arrived! Fans are overjoyed that a certain reality star is no longer on the market! Shamea Morton, a Real Housewives of Atlanta star, married Gerald Mwangi on July 22, and now everyone wants to know more.

But who exactly is Gerald Mwangi? Who is her husband? Stay tuned for more information on Shamea Morton’s husband.

Who is Shamea Morton’s husband?

Fans are curious to find out who stole Morton’s heart and made her the happiest she’s ever been. Mwangi is a businessman who was born in Kenya. Gerald Mwangi’s age, unfortunately, is unknown.

Gerald Mwangi’s Net worth

Gerald Mwangi’s job description is also unknown. But whatever he does, it is clear that he does it very well! We’re all aware that weddings aren’t cheap, especially when it comes to a destination wedding! However, based on the photos, it appears that no expense was spared and Morton received everything she desired, including her dream man. And, let’s be honest, Morton isn’t marrying a poor man!

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In Atlanta, Gerald Mwangi and Shamea Morton

The newlyweds met in an Atlanta lounge and later at a cookout. What do the happy couple intend to do with the rest of their lives? Of course, Atlanta! Morton discussed where she and Mwangi wanted to end up after they married in an interview with The Daily Dish.

“He and his siblings came to the United States to attend college. So he’s been in America just before his 18th birthday, and he’s like, ‘No, I never want to leave Atlanta,'” Morton explained. “That’s where all of my family is, and all of his friends are, and we just have a really good life in Atlanta.” That’s where we want to raise our children, and this is our home.”

We won’t be missing the new Mrs. Mwangi on The Real Housewives of Atlanta next season, though it’s unclear if her husband will appear on the show in the future.

The Wedding of Shamea Morton

Morton and Mwangi exchanged vows in a garden ceremony at Nanyuki’s Fairmont Kenya Safari Club. Morton was surrounded by her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars and family members.

Morton expressed gratitude to The Daily Dish for falling in love with Mwangi.

“He is incredible. He is unquestionably a blessing. And they say you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your Prince Charming, and that is exactly what he is,” Morton said of her then-fiancé. “When I consider where I was five years ago and where I am now, all I can say is, ‘God, he is so good, and he is so merciful, and he is so understanding, and he is so patient and forgiving.’ And it was only his work that brought us together.”

We wish the couple many happy years together and all the best!

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