Jo Koy’s Son and Ex-Wife

Facts To Know About The Stand-Up Comedian’s Family Jo Koy’s Son and Ex-Wife

It’s common for comedians to get their ideas from their own families. However, Jo Koy’s son is his go-to joke in his June 12 Netflix special, Jo Koy: Comin’ in Hot.

With the new stand-up special, Jo Koy’s son is the center of attention, and everyone is interested in his ex-wife. Koy is very reserved about his family, despite his propensity to make fun of them. We do, however, currently know everything there is to know about Jo Koy’s family.

Jo Koy’s mother was born in The Philippines and raised in the United States

Jo Koy, whose mother is Josie Harrison, was born Joseph Glenn Herbert on June 2, 1971, and is of Filipino descent (born 1948). Harrison, a Quezon City, Philippines native, was wed to Koy’s father, an Air Force officer.

Harrison used to manage the office for a rock group from the Philippines. Harrison raised her children on her own after being divorced.

“I attended school by myself. I began at the bottom and worked my way up. To meet the needs of my four children, I worked two jobs. a cashier/hostess at Denny restaurant at night and a banker for Wells Fargo by day. The comedian’s mother remarked, “I accomplished everything on my own.

Jo was reared with his older siblings, Robert Herbert and Rowena Hazel Cook, as well as Gemma Herbert Simmons, his adopted sister. Before relocating to Las Vegas, they lived in Washington state.

His mother had wished for him to select a traditional career and lead a secure existence. However, Joseph Herbert dropped out of school and later found popularity as Jo Koy, a moniker his aunt gave him.

But given that performance is in his DNA, it’s not surprising. One of her daughters is a singer in Las Vegas, while Harrison’s mother was an actress in the Philippines.

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Jo Koy and his Father were Estranged

In Vietnam, Jack Herbert—a member of the American Air Force—met Josie Harrison. In addition to adopting a child from the Philippines, they were married and had three children together.

Koy’s parents separated when he was thirteen. While Harrison remarried an ex-army veteran who is now a postal worker, Herbert is currently retired.

Jo Koy frequently makes fun of his mother, his son, and his Filipino ancestry. But his father is conspicuously absent from his content.

Since he wasn’t around for the majority of his childhood, Koy recently admitted that his father isn’t a part of his comedic act. Koy claims that Herbert left his family when he was 10 years old as a result of unidentified family strife.

Jo lost contact with his father’s side of the family. He later made amends with Herbert, though, when he grew older.

“Our connection is wonderful right now. My dad is my biggest supporter. My dad entered my life in full-on dad mode when I started college. He was incredibly thrilled about my humor, although my mother wasn’t. I was doing stand-up. We connected as a result of humor. We made up, gave each other kisses and hugs, and moved on.

Angie King and Jo Koy were wed

Jo Koy rarely discusses his relationships in his stand-up, although he and his ex-wife, Angie King, perhaps have the best co-parenting arrangement. They were married for a while and then divorced, but they are still the greatest of friends.

Singer Angie King, who is of Filipino and American descent, just celebrated her 29th birthday. At the moment, she is dating Mexican-American artist Gino Perez.

She still gets along well with Koy even if they aren’t together anymore. Even on Instagram, she advertised his Netflix special.

Koy sums up their connection nicely when he says, “Me and my son’s mother, we’ve been pretty terrific parents even though we’ve been divorced for a while. We’re close friends and are quite laid back when it comes to spending time with one another and our baby. A door is open for us.

Son of Koy Appearances in His Comedy

Joseph Herbert Jr. was born on April 21, 2003, and his parents are Jo Koy and Angie King. Lil Joe, or L.J. as everyone calls him, seems like someone we know well because he has frequently been the target of his father’s jokes.

His most recent stand-up special is about being a single dad and having a teenage son. L.J., though, genuinely has his father’s sense of humor (if his Instagram captions are anything to go by).

Koy leverages the lessons he’s learned from his experience with his parents’ divorce and the ensuing alienation from his father to maintain a positive relationship with his ex-wife and raise L.J. better. Despite having a very demanding tour schedule, Koy is a constant father to prevent his son from having a childhood like his own.

However, you won’t discover much publicly available information regarding L.J. Although Koy makes fun of the private school system in his jokes, he claims to be delighted that his son attends one.

Koy and King are happy that their son appreciates Filipino culture as much as they do. Because he surrounds himself with so many Filipinos, I don’t need to teach him anything. Filipino cuisine is his favorite. He has been in the Philippines for about a month visiting the childhood home of his grandmother. It’s quite cool. My youngster is doing things that I never got to do when I was a kid,” Koy exclaimed.

L.J. enjoys his dad’s work, despite being the target of his dad’s jokes. Koy also takes his son’s feelings into account when creating jokes.

“I made sure I wasn’t just trash on him when I created the jokes, especially the personal ones about him. I wanted to be sure he understood that we all do this and that it is okay since dad does it. When all of his buddies are laughing, he holds his head high, and they all love it.

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