Man Blac Chyna’s Allegedly Hooking Up With Rarri True

Facts to Know About The Mystery Man Blac Chyna’s Allegedly Hooking Up With Rarri True

What exactly is going on in the Kardashian household?! It wasn’t even noon on the West Coast when all of this drama began, but the East Coast was sipping hot afternoon tea.

The tea comes from Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s ex-boyfriends, and it’s gotten very ugly and NSFW. Who is Blac Chyna’s new beau? Who is Blac Chyna currently dating? Rob K. took to Instagram today to air all of Chyna’s dirty laundry, and now everyone is scrambling to piece together the facts. Most importantly, fans have questions about who “Rarri True” could be. If you want to learn more, keep reading!

We can’t keep up with the Kardashians, and with Rob’s recent novel of an Instagram post this morning, we’re not sure anyone else can either. From one guy to the next, the youngest Kardashian has slammed his ex-fiancée, and the whole world knows it. Could another Blac Chyna baby daddy be on the way? With the number of men she’s allegedly been seeing recently (according to Rob), there just might be!

Who Exactly is Rarri True?

Rarri (short for Ferrari) is a Chicago rapper whose real name is Dejanel Carter, according to Hollywood Life. The 24-year-old rapper is also a model and has released songs such as “Rockstar” and “Just Go.” The net worth of Rarri’s True is unknown, but according to Rob’s text receipts, the Chicago native was accused of financial difficulties. Rarri threatened to expose Blac Chyna if Rob helped him take care of her, according to some of Rob’s allegations and hot tea he’s spilling about Chyna.

Originally, Rob captioned the photo of Rarri True, “And this the dude who posted a pic in the same bed Chyna and I made our baby in…

My house, which I pay for. I probably paid for that robe. I’m going to send you messages from this dude asking you to connect with me or he’s going to expose Chyna if I don’t help him get money because he can’t handle the bills to care for Chyna. Lol. I compensate Lambo. Ferrari. On the rolls, a down payment is required. “Downpayment on your mother’s car.” But then he reposted the same Rarri photo twice more, each time with elaborate captions explaining his frustrations.

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Instagram Account of Rarri True

If you want complete access to Rarri True, his Instagram is the place to be. The young rapper, who goes by the handle “ferraritru3,” posts about everything from his family to his daily life and has 122k followers on his account. Rarri True appears to be living the good life, from fast cars to swimming pools. But don’t expect to see a photo of Blac Chyna and “Ferrari” in his recent posts anytime soon. The two have been chastised and judging by the comments, fans support Rob!

He’s a Father

Rob and Rarri True have one thing in common: they are both fathers. “When you daddy makes it out of Chicago but come back to the hood and show his son the old 87th street Skating Rink Day Turn Ups Jukes [sic],” he captioned one of his recent photos. Like Rob’s Instagram, the majority of his photos are of him and his son playing together.

Are Blac Chyna and Rarri a couple?

Rob certainly appears to believe so!

He claimed in a series of Instagram posts that his ex-fiancée had been cheating on him with two other men! First, it was Rob, then Rarri True, and finally Mechie, whose Instagram handle is “mechiesocrazy.” Mechie was the man in the video that Blac Chyna allegedly sent to Rob, in which she is fully making out with another man! This video appears to have sparked Rob’s outrage today, and it appears he’s had enough of Chyna’s antics.

He not only reposted the video to his Instagram feed, but he also reposted other messages and text receipts! For those who doubt Rob’s ability to become enraged and petty, recall that he broadcast Kylie’s phone number, which she promptly disconnected! It’s unclear whether Rarri True and Blac Chyna are still together, but her naked photos (which Rob posted and deleted, or was likely reported and removed) are now the property of the Internet, and there’s no turning back. Rob and Blac Chyna are at odds, and it’s getting ugly.

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