Austin’s Wife Stephanie Dana

Facts about Tyler Austin’s Wife Stephanie Dana

In his professional baseball career, Tyler Austin, who has played in both the MLB and Japan’s NPB, has experienced his share of highs and lows.

However, he has always had his biggest supporter by his side. Even when they were on opposing sides, Tyler Austin’s wife Stephanie Dana has been his loudest supporter. Dana has received encouragement from Austin as she advances in the modeling business. In this Stephanie Dana encyclopedia, she merits the limelight.

Family of Stephanie Dana

Georgia’s Conyers is the birthplace of Stephanie Dana, who was born on March 17, 1992. Her mother’s side of the family is Puerto Rican.

Lawrence “Larry” DeFloria and Elizabeth DeFloria were wed for more than 20 years. After suffering from lung cancer, Larry DeFloria passed away in 2021.

He brought up Dana and loved baseball. Larry watched Tyler Austin’s career and was his biggest supporter, according to his friends and family.

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The career of Stephanie Dana

Alumni of Salem High School Dana earned a BA in journalism and a BA in communication studies from the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia. In addition to being a Zell Miller Scholar and being on the Dean’s List, she graduated with honors in 2015.

Through her university activities and internships, she has gained experience in social media and public relations. She worked as a videographer for the university’s online newspaper as well as an anchor, reporter, and producer for Grady Newsource. Additionally, Dana worked with nearby companies on publicity while interning at WRDW News 12 in Augusta and CBS46 Atlanta.

She manages professional players’ social media and public relations on a freelance basis as of 2017. She also manages an athlete’s fitness and styling.

But that’s simply a side gig for her. The peak of Stephanie Dana’s modeling career has just passed. When she’s not striving to obtain her pilot’s license, she posts editorial photos on social media and participates in projects, campaigns, and events.

The publication of Sports Illustrated is Dana’s ambition. To take part in the SI Swim Search, she frequently went between Japan and the USA. On her first try, she was successful in obtaining the golden ticket, and on her second try, she reached the Top 60. She keeps competing in the Swim Search with more experience and renewed zeal with the hopes of winning it soon.

Relationship Between Tyler Austin and Stephanie Dana

Tyler Austin, a Conyers native who played baseball for Heritage High School, first met Stephanie Dana when they were both juniors in 2009. She oversaw the baseball team from her school, which competed against Austin’s squad.

Austin and Dana first met at a party before their teams were scheduled to play each other in a game. And, in contrast to popular belief, they didn’t instantly click like a baseball-era Montague and Capulet meet-cute. Dana left angry with Austin after hearing him brag about how many home runs he would hit to defeat Salem High.

On game day, Salem High pulled a cruel prank on the star baseball player from Heritage High. Dana was incensed by her peers’ behavior as Austin made his first out while being booed and called nasty names.

She was the sole person cheering for Austin from her team’s dugout when he came out again. She received a lot of criticism for supporting the opposing side, especially after Austin hit several home runs. Stephanie Dana, on the other hand, has always stood up for Tyler Austin and cheered him on.

In January 2018, he asked his high school girlfriend to marry him. On January 26, 2019, they got married in Georgia.

Austin joined the Japanese baseball team Yokohama DeNA Baystars in the same year. Dana frequently traveled back to the United States for her modeling jobs after the newlyweds moved to Japan. Since the pandemic, the couple has relocated to the USA.

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