Ellen Bacca with Mark Lytle

Facts about Meteorologist Ellen Bacca’s Husband Mark Lytle

Ellen Bacca made history by becoming the first woman to be named chief meteorologist in West Michigan in 2021.

The WOOD TV8 weatherwoman has been married to Mark Lytle for over a decade, but her viewers and social media followers know very little about him. Locals have reported seeing this couple in Western Michigan, but Bacca’s fans want to know more about Mark Lytle and his background. As a result, we are revealing those details here.

Mark Lytle’s Career


Mark J. Lytle was born in Portage, Michigan in 1987. Mark Lytle is the son of Paul Lytle, and he shares his father’s passion for some thrilling sports.

Mark describes himself on social media as a “pilot, woodworker, actor, and MASH fan.” His old Facebook posts show that he has piloted small planes and hot-air balloons.

Mark has been interested in ballooning since he was a child, in addition to skydiving with Paul. It was introduced to him by his parents through the Battle Creek hot-air balloon festivals.

Mark has also built and flown his own ultra-light balloon. He’d been flying balloons since at least 2010. In 2021, he completed his check ride to become a commercial hot-air balloon pilot.

Mark is also an actor and stunt performer. He has appeared as an extra in Under the Dome, Sleepy Hollow, and Revolution.

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Relationship of Mark Lytle and Ellen Bacca

Ellen Bacca, WOOD TV8 meteorologist, is from Portage. She and Mark Lytle have been together since they were students at Portage Northern High School.

Bacca and Lytle have been married since December 22, 2007. Bacca was a BS in meteorology student at Valparaiso University at the time.

Bacca and Lytle are based in West Michigan, where the Emmy-winning weatherwoman has been a member of Storm Team 8 at Grand Rapids station WOOD TV8 since 2014. Locals frequently see the couple at breakfast joints and balloon festivals.

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