Lucas Giolito’s Wife Ariana Dubelko

Facts about Lucas Giolito’s Wife Ariana Dubelko

Ariana Dubelko, Lucas Giolito’s wife, is widely regarded as one of baseball’s most inspiring wives. The Chicago White Sox pitcher and his high school sweetheart are well-known for their charitable work with animals.

Dubelko also contributes to humanity by collaborating with other baseball wives in their efforts to help underprivileged children. Fans fell in love and admiration for Giolito’s wife after she bravely exposed alleged racism from another MLB wife. In Ariana Dubelko’s wiki, we reveal more about Lucas Giolito’s wife.

Ariana Dubelko’s Parents

Ariana Rose Dubelko was born in California on January 8, 1994. Her parents are Robert and Janine Dubelko.

Bob Dubelko, her father, was an Ohio State football player. He is now based in Los Angeles as the COO of Carsey Werner Distribution, the production company behind That ’70s Show, Roseanne, and other popular sitcoms.

Ariana Dubelko’s Professional Career

Ariana Dubelko, a former competitive equestrian rider, graduated from Harvard-Westlake School in 2013.

She attended SMU on an equestrian scholarship and competed on the equestrian team for two seasons.

SMU awarded Dubelko a bachelor’s degree in applied physiology in 2016. She enrolled in the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2018.

In 2022, she is expected to graduate and become a veterinary doctor. Meanwhile, Dubelko’s Instagram shows that she volunteers at animal shelters and raises funds for charities, in addition to being the president of the Orphan Kitten Project at UC Davis.

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Relationship of Ariana Dubelko and Lucas Giolito

Lucas Giolito grew up in Santa Monica, where he played Little League Baseball and later excelled at Harvard-Westlake High School. He met Dubelko there and began dating him.

They’ve been dating since they were teenagers. Dubelko was with Giolito when the Washington Nationals selected the UCLA alum in the 2012 MLB draft.

He was traded to the Chicago White Sox in 2016, and the couple managed to keep their relationship going despite Giolito’s rising career and Dubelko’s studies. Dubelko and Giolito married on December 22, 2018, in Los Angeles, shortly after she began her studies at UC Davis.

Ariana Dubelko Giolito Disclosed Alleged Racist Interaction Between MLB WAGS

The wives of current and former White Sox players Lucas Giolito, Tim Anderson, and Anthony Swarzak were the focus of an online feud. When the now-Ariana Dubelko Giolito made public a heated conversation about race and violence in private DMs between the WAGs in 2019, Anthony’s wife, Elizabeth Swarzak, was accused of racism.

Tim’s wife, Bria Anderson, and Elizabeth argued over gun control and White supremacy in a private text message exchange in the aftermath of the El Paso, Texas, Walmart shooting in August of that year. Elizabeth appears to defend the term “white nationalist” in the text exchange and accuses Bria of only speaking about crimes committed by White people. She also mentions “black-on-black crime in Chicago” and crimes committed by immigrants, while seemingly criticizing Bria’s work with a Chicago youth nonprofit.

Elizabeth’s comments and apparent racism “disgusted” Ariana. She posted screenshots of this exchange on Instagram, where they can still be found, along with a lengthy post.

“Half of the MLB players are IMMIGRANTS from Latin American countries.” “To know that someone among you harbors hatred or regards you as a criminal because of your birthplace is something I cannot even imagine,” a portion of Ariana’s post read.

Elizabeth later claimed that Ariana’s conversation was edited, but many MLB fans were outraged on social media.

Elizabeth allegedly argued with fans who called her out for her perceived ignorance as she continued to defend the term “white nationalism.”

However, several fans praised Bria and Ariana. Meanwhile, Elizabeth has been silent on social media since the incident.

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