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Facts About Kerri Lamas & The Lawsuit Filed Against Pastner Josh Pastner

An Arizona couple accused Georgia Tech men’s basketball coach Josh Pastner of sexual abuse on Thursday. People are now curious about Josh Pastner’s marriage as a result of this. For further information, visit our Kerri Lamas wiki.

On February 8, Pastner fiercely denied that any of the claims against him were true. That same day, Ron Bell and Jennifer Pendley filed a complaint against him, charging that he had intentionally caused “emotional harm” through “sexual assault, sexual battery, and infliction of emotional distress.”

The court filing followed Pastner’s filing a counterclaim against the couple last month. After Bell claimed he gave two Yellow Jackets players unlawful perks and that the coach assaulted his wife, the coach claimed he was the victim of defamation and efforts at extortion, among other things.

Pendley alleged in the document that Pastner had sexually attacked her in February 2016 and that he had abused her on a total of 11 occasions since then. By “holding her against her will when she was alone and whispering obscenities and innuendos in her ear,” she detailed one experience.

In this whole situation, Pastner referred to himself as “an absolute victim,” adding, “It’s unfortunate, but I’ll deal with it. The only thing my wife and I try to do is show compassion to others, but life is what it is, so you live and learn.

In a statement from January, Pastner said: “The lengths to which these people have gone to hurt my family and I is inconceivable… These bogus accusations completely sicken me since I categorically deny ever assaulting or harassing Ms. Pendley.

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Kerri Lamas: Who Is She?

In 2009, Pastner wed Kerri Lamas. He has three daughters: Payten, Kamryn, and Harper, as well as a stepson, called Ethan. There is no other information about his family than the names of his children.

Pastner Addresses The Charges

A formal declaration regarding the matter was produced in reaction to the “false and vicious” allegations Pendley made against Pastner, as his lawyer put it. Here are some of the contents of the letter:

Josh filed a lawsuit against Jennifer Pendley and Ron Bell last month due to their months-long attempts to smear him and demand money from him. We expected that they would not stop and would instead continue to spread false information, so we did. Therefore, Ms. Pendley’s submission today is not unexpected.

No one was sexually assaulted. It is untrue. Josh never behaved inappropriately around Ms. Pendley. Never.

Contrary to what she claims in her lawsuit, Ms. Pendley continued to actively and enthusiastically initiate communication and contact with Josh and his wife for two years after the alleged first assault, paying visits to their house, giving their kids gifts, going to games, and publicly praising Josh and his character. Josh and his wife received numerous texts and emails from Ms. Pendley, which contradict her accusations and show Josh did not do anything she is now claiming he did.

Pastner’s attorney Scott Tompsett concluded the statement by reflecting on recent events:

“We are shocked and appalled that Mr. Bell and Ms. Pendley have invented a malicious lie to blackmail and hurt a family that showed only compassion toward them in this period of women courageously stepping forward to make real accusations of sexual assault and harassment.

We will continue to support law enforcement in their inquiries into the couple while Josh continues to pursue his legal claims against Mr. Bell and Ms. Pendley.

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