Cassius Marsh’s Girlfriend Devyn Adair

Facts About Cassius Marsh’s Girlfriend Devyn Adair

Both on and off the field, Cassius Marsh has a knack for drawing attention. Fans can still only speculate about his personal life.

The newly signed player for the Chicago Bears rarely discusses his connection with Devyn Adair, his girlfriend, and the mother of his child. It raises the question of who Cassius Marsh’s girlfriend is.

Devyn Adair has been garnering recognition for both her lovely appearance and her amazing, diverse music. Here, we provide more information about the budding musical star.

Early Years and Ethnicity of Devyn Adair

Devyn Adair was born in Merced, California, on September 18, 1993, and raised in Puyallup, Washington. She has a mixed ancestry that includes White Americans and Koreans.

Due to her father’s military employment, the family moved around a lot, including Korea, Florida, and finally Washington. She had always been a creative youngster who enjoyed performing for her parents, whether it was singing, dancing, sketching, or writing poetry.

When Adair was young, modeling was how she began her career. While following her other passion, she is signed with three modeling agencies.

Her calling had always been music. She was hesitant to pursue it professionally, but her mother persuaded her to return to South Korea at age 19 to pursue vocal training.

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Career of Devyn Adair

Adair’s transition from modeling to music wasn’t simple, but she had the best support system. She had PJ as her manager and Pete as her producer.

Filters, Adair’s debut album, was released in 2018 after she signed with Empire Records. When she couldn’t see Cassius Marsh for several weeks, she wrote the song “My Love,” which is one of her songs.

Children Born to Devyn Adair and Cassius Marsh

On social media, Devyn Adair and Cassius Marsh keep their romance under wraps. How long they’ve been dating is unknown.

“We met in a ratchet club in Seattle. I was pulled out alongside him. We didn’t want to be there, either. When we both saw each other, we said, “Oh, okay.” Adair recalled, “That’s why.

While he was a member of the San Francisco 49ers, the pair made their home in California. A few days before the linebacker left the Seattle Seahawks in 2019, Marsh and Adair welcomed their son, Cassius Marsh Jr.

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