Facts About Billy Grahams Granddaughter Jerushah Duford

Billy Grahams Granddaughter Jerushah Duford

Jerushah Duford isn’t afraid to speak up, even if it’s to criticize her uncle Franklin Graham’s political views. The granddaughter of the late evangelist Billy Graham has joined the Lincoln Project’s women’s coalition to oppose President Trump’s re-election.

Duford contributes to her grandfather’s legacy while remaining out of the spotlight. During his lifetime, Billy Graham avoided politics as much as possible. However, when Franklin, his son, claimed in 2019 that the late evangelist voted for Trump in 2016, Duford and her siblings spoke out against him. Duford is no longer apolitical, and she is not hiding her feelings about Donald Trump. This Jerushah Duford wiki page goes into greater detail about Billy Graham’s granddaughter.

Family of Jerushah Duford

Jerushah Ruth Tchividjian was born on February 9, 1978, in New York City to Gigi Graham and Stephan Tchividjian. Of course, Gigi is the eldest child of evangelist icon Billy Graham and his wife, Ruth Graham.

Gigi was 14 when she met Stephan, who was 21 at the time. Three years later, they married and have been together for four decades. They lived in Switzerland at first but overcame obstacles to return to the United States.

Stephan studied clinical psychology and became an ordained Baptist minister. Gigi chose to write faith-based books rather than become an evangelist like her father.

They raised seven children, who now live in the Carolinas and Florida with their own families.

Bridgette Barker, Jerushah’s sister, lives in North Carolina with her family. Stephan Jr., the eldest child, is a pastor. Aram and Antony, Jerushah’s brothers, pursued their interests as well.

Basile “Boz,” their brother, was a prosecutor in Florida before becoming an activist against child sexual abuse. He left his nonprofit and teaching positions to work as a litigator for abuse victims.

Tullian, one of the Tchividjian children, had the most difficult life. He overcame drug addiction and other adversities with the help of his family to start his own family and become a well-known pastor.

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Jerushah Duford’s Professional Career

Jerushah Tchividjian earned a BA in communications from Palm Beach Atlantic University. She is currently enrolled at Liberty University and will graduate in 2021 with a master’s degree in clinical psychology.

Jerushah, like many others in her family, did not choose to be an evangelist. She had regular jobs, such as managing a store in West Palm Beach. She later settled in South Carolina, where she worked as a newborn hearing screener at a pediatric practice.

She has been a writer and contributor to magazines for many years. She even started several initiatives to carry on her grandfather’s legacy. She compiled stories of people whose lives were transformed by Billy Graham and published them in Thank You, Billy Graham (2014) and Well Done, Billy Graham (2015). (2019).

Jerushah worked as a writer for Belle Magazine before becoming the director of content for Rice Bowls. She also became involved with her brother Boz’s nonprofit, G.R.A.C.E., which fights sexual abuse.

She has given speeches at various events in recent years. She is invited to speak on faith-related topics, but she also attends marketing-related events with her husband, Kyle Duford.

Relationships of Jerushah Duford

Previously, Jerushah Tchividjian was married to pastor Chris Armfield.

Jerushah married Kyle Duford after they divorced. In Greenville, South Carolina, they are raising their blended family of six children.

Kyle is a Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and the University of Colorado at Boulder graduate. He is a former Dr. Martens footwear marketing executive who now runs his brand strategy firm, The Brand Leader. He also appears as a speaker at marketing conferences.

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