Zsalynn Whitworth

Everything You Need To Know About Zsalynn Whitworth From ‘My 600-LB Life’ Including Her Life After Her Dramatic Weight Loss!

Zsalynn Whitworth, star of My 600 Lb Life, took a positive step forward in her weight loss journey.

Because of her husband Gareth’s support for her work as a fat fetish model, Whitworth’s story stood out in the show. Gareth was apprehensive about her losing weight, and he freely confessed that he desired his wife to be overweight.

After the Show, What Happened?


Whitworth told viewers that she had begun to put herself first. She divorced her unsupportive spouse, who urged her to regain her weight by encouraging her to eat unhealthy meals.

Her decision to divorce her husband and prioritize her health above her marriage was not the only difficult step she had to take. For a food addict like her, sticking to a new healthy diet and exercise regimen was difficult.

Weight Loss Struggle

Unfortunately, being free of a toxic relationship came with loneliness and melancholy. Her adjustment to being alone was challenging.

She had to share custody of Hannah with Gareth, which meant she wouldn’t be able to see her for a long. So being alone made dealing with urges even more difficult. Furthermore, despite losing 316 pounds as a result of the weight-loss surgery, she was still unsatisfied with her figure due to extra skin.

Whitworth was inspired to adopt good eating habits after consulting doctors recommended she lose 20 pounds to be eligible for skin removal surgery. Zsalynn was able to break old habits, and the doctors were able to remove 52 pounds of superfluous skin from her body.

The TV actress said the operation provided her with the confidence she needed to feel good about herself. She attends a therapist to help her deal with her insecurities and gain confidence in herself.

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A Life of Acceptance And Love

Whitworth has found love in Hannah and her boyfriend, Jack Lapp. She often publishes images of herself having fun to encourage readers who are motivated by her story.

Her admirers hold her strength and dedication in high regard. Whitworth, who now resides in Texas, posts images on her Facebook and Twitter pages. She also posts videos of her daughter Hannah, who is in high school, crafting.

Whitworth’s severe weight no longer holds her back after all she’s been through. So, to summarize, the Zsalynn Whitworth 2021 experience is going well and will hopefully continue in the future.

With her daughter and partner, she now has a beautiful family life.

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