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Everything You Need To Know About Tracey Hinds – Macy Gray’s Ex-Husband!

Grammy Award-winning singer Natalie Renee McIntyre is of American descent. Her stage name, Macy Gray, is how most people know her. Aside from that, she is also known for her unusual voice and Billie Holiday-inspired singing style. She has also made appearances in a number of films, including Scary Movie 3 and Spider-Man.

In addition, the musician is a loving mother to three gorgeous kids. She once shared a marriage with Tracey Hinds. They did, however, split up soon after. What led to the ex-divorce, couple’s then? Learn more about Macy Gray’s ex-husband and their relationship.

Macy and Tracey Gray’s Marriage

The fact that Tracey Hinds was married to a well-known singer and actress thrust her into the public eye. He first met his future wife in the middle of the 1990s. He worked as a mortgage broker at the time, and Natalie was not yet as well-known as she is now. The former couple were married shortly after that and began their married life. At first, things went smoothly, and the couple was content and had a strong relationship. Additionally, within a year they had already become parents to two children.

The former couple’s growing love, meanwhile, began to falter. As a result, both parties divorced while the singer-songwriter was carrying their third child. Even though the ex-couple hasn’t given a reason for their split, there must have been a good cause for them to call it quits just two years into their union. Moreover, Macy Gray’s first album, On How Life Is, was inspired by their divorce. The album was a success, and Tracey Hinds’ ex-wife gained notoriety.

Hinds’ profession as a mortgage broker probably brought in a sizable sum of money. In light of this, Tracey Hinds’ net worth had to be high. In relation to that, his ex-spouse is worth $12 million.

Evidently, a lot of people believe that the musician’s ex-girlfriend is gay and that she was a woman. However, she identifies as straight, and Macy Gray’s ex-husband was a man. People frequently mistake Macy’s sexual orientation despite her strong support for the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Unfortunately, Macy Gray’s ex-husband died in 2020

The ex-wife of the mortgage broker experienced great success in her work after the divorce. They were the only children she reared. He, on the other hand, is mostly unknown, as is the fact of whether he got remarried or not. Sadly, Tracey passed away in 2020 before we could learn more about him. Additionally, Happy Hinds, the daughter of Tracey and Macy Gray, released some old photos of her father on Father’s Day in 2021. His children’s social media messages show how much they miss him.

In addition, there are numerous rumors that Tracey’s ex-wife and kids abandoned him after the split. I hope he had a happy life and a lovely family.

A father of three children

The gifted vocalist and her ex-partner welcomed three children together, as was already stated. Additionally, Aanisah Hinds, Tahmel Hinds, and Happy Hinds must have been adored by Macy Gray’s ex-husband.

The eldest daughter of Tracey and Macy Gray attended Pratt Institute and graduated with a degree in fine arts. She is currently a renowned graphic designer and illustrator. The youngest child of the former couple is currently attending photography school in New York. She has started and is succeeding with a magazine called Happy Hinds.

But Macy Gray’s ex-husband must have had a good life. He must have loved his children even though not much is known about their relationship. He probably lived a lovely life.

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