Everything You Need To Know About The Parents Of Jason Kidd!

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Jason Kidd left the NBA having solidified his place as one of the best players to ever play the sport. His statistics—he was a 10-time NBA All-Star, a member of the NBA All-Defensive Team nine times, and ranks second all-time in career assists and steals—probably don’t justify his one championship ring.

Kidd won his second championship while serving as the Los Angeles Lakers team’s head coach in 2020. Jason took over as the Dallas Mavericks’ head coach in 2021, and he wants to honor the group that gave him his first Championship. Jason has helped the Mavericks get better; in 2022, they reached the Western Conference final but fell to the Golden State Warriors.

Jason Kidd and his father Steve Kidd with her younger sister Kim used video taken by their father to better themselves and their colleagues

Steve Kidd, an African-American, and Anne Kidd, an Irish-American, welcomed Jason Kidd into the world on March 23, 1973. He was raised alongside Denise and Kim, two younger sisters. The family kept horses and resided in a middle-class house close to Oakland Coliseum.

By filming his games, Steve helped Jason advance in his career since he could study the footage and figure out where and how to make improvements. Jason’s St. Joseph Notre Dame High School teammate Andre Cornwell said the following to The Mercury News:

Jason has been watching videos of us playing basketball since we were in fifth grade. I’ve never known why. He scored 20 or 25 points, which led me to believe he was arrogant, but it was really him studying and watching that taught me so much.

Kidd became a legend in Alameda due to his talent and drive to better both himself and his team. His jersey was retired by the team and is on on display in Kelly Gymnasium along with a plaque designating him as the Gatorade Player of the Year.

Coming home is always a good thing, Kidd told The Mercury News. “As a young person growing up in the Bay, a lot of wonderful things occurred here. It’s always positive.

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Kidd’s father instilled in him the virtue of patience in whatever he did

Jason stated to the San Jose Mercury News that Steve’s goal for him was to win the Championship. Child said:

“[Winning a title] was the most important thing to my dad. I always told him we were going to win a championship here when I spoke with him when I was younger or ran into him while he was traveling while playing in the NBA. I believe he concurred. He may have also been open to admitting that there are some teams out there that are superior to yours.

Due to his passing in 1999, Steve Kidd was unable to witness the crowning of his son as an NBA Champion. He taught Jason the lesson of patience, which was helpful as he endured another eleven years of waiting for his first NBA victory.

But if it took this long, I imagine he would advise me to be patient, as he has done in the past. It doesn’t always occur when you anticipate it.” said Jason. He always said that although something doesn’t always happen when you want it to, it always does.

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