Everything You Need To Know About Richard Madden’s Sexuality And Relationships!

richard madden

The Scottish Hunk Richard Madden portrayed Robb Stark in the wildly popular HBO series Game of Thrones. Season 3 of the show included a horrifying and unexpected death for Madden’s character, but Richard was now well-known all over the world. Following his departure from Game of Thrones, Richard went unnoticed for a while before making a dramatic comeback with the BBC thriller Bodyguard.

Madden won the Golden Globe for Best Actor – Television Series Drama for his work in Bodyguard. Richard later had appearances in the movies 1917 and Rocketman. The focus of this essay will be Richard’s connections and personal life rather than his professional accomplishments. It will focus on the individuals he has dated, his alleged relationships, and his academic challenges.

Ellie Bamber dumped him after the two became estranged

Richard and Ellie Bamber were first associated after they were seen kissing in Ibiza in August 2017. 2019 saw the separation of the pair. The separation was made official when Richard went to the 2019 Golden Globes alone and left Ellie out of his speech.

It was then revealed that Bamber had come to see that the couple’s contrasting schedules had caused them to grow apart. According to a source who spoke to The Sun, Ellie opted to quit the relationship because the two were virtually constantly at odds with one another. From the source:

“They are both utterly devastated, but the choice was the best one. In the latter stages, they were fighting virtually every day, and despite seeking couples therapy, it became clear that there were far too many problems that could not be resolved. Everyone around them is obviously devastated because they were pretty much inseparable from the moment they met and because their friends and families had melded.

After breaking up with Jenna Coleman, he dated Caroline Flack, Suki Waterhouse, and Laura Whitmore

Around the time he received his Game of Thrones job, Madden and Jenna began dating. Jenna was offered the part of Clara in Doctor Who not long after they began dating. Madden, a devoted follower of Doctor Who for his entire life, was ecstatic when Jenna was cast. He explained to Vulture in 2015:

“I mean, ever since I was a kid, I’ve watched Doctor Who. I still adore it because I adore it. When I visit a set and see the TARDIS, I can geek out about it. I was taking a ton of selfies and emailing them to my dad! “Look, there I am in the TARDIS!” It was, in my opinion, the coolest thing ever.

Madden and Jenna parted ways sometime around 2015. After being sighted out and about in London in August 2015, it was reported that the couple attempted to revive their romance. As a result of their unsuccessful attempt to salvage their relationship, Madden and Laura Whitmore were linked in 2016. After a few months, the couple’s relationship came to an end.

Madden had a brief fling with Suki Waterhouse soon after that romance came to an end. A few months later, it was claimed that Richard was seeing Caroline Flack, the Love Island host. According to reports, Caroline and Laura Whitmore, her friend and Madden’s former love interest, fell out over the connection. Source: According to Female First

“Richard Madden and Caroline are dating. They met at an Amsterdam nightclub opening in April and have been dating ever since. Caz and Laura are currently not speaking because of a major argument. In essence, Laura believes Caroline broke the girl rule and that she didn’t even inform her of Richard; Laura learned about Richard from their common acquaintances. Laura was very concerned when she discovered they were hanging out on social media.

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The romance between Caroline and Richard likewise fizzled very quickly

When Richard was seen with Sam Smith’s ex-boyfriend Brandon Flynn, his sexuality was called into question.

Richard was said to be dating 13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Flynn shortly after his romance with Ellie came to an end. Following sightings of Richard and Flynn together in LA, speculations started to circulate. Following the revelation that they were cohabitating, rumors of a romance between the two became more prevalent.

When asked about his relationship with Brandon by The New York Times, Richard declined to discuss his personal life. When Madden played a gay role in Rocketman, his sexuality once again came under scrutiny. He revealed to The Guardian:

If we start limiting people’s casting based on their personal life, that is a really bad path to take. I really believe that the finest actor for the part should always be cast, but we must also put more emphasis on diversity and having everyone represented.

Madden and Brandon had a fight in November 2019. The relationship between the housemates had reportedly been tense for some time prior to Brandon’s decision to move out, according to The Sun. From the source:

Because he requested the Versace staff not to invite Richard to a party they are hosting at the start of December, Brandon has made it known that he doesn’t want to see Richard. The brand has dressed Richard on a few occasions, but now that they are working with Brandon, they are honoring his preferences and haven’t invited Richard to the party.

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