Monica McNutt

Everything You Need To Know About Monica McNutt Including Her Bio, Age, Family, Career, And More!

In February 2021, Monica McNutt made her breakthrough television debut on ESPN’s Around the Horn, and she has since gained a large following. She’s familiar with both sports and sports broadcasting. She is a sports enthusiast who has worked in sports broadcasting since she was in college.

Viewers of Around the Horn are curious to learn more about McNutt despite the fact that she has been a frequent reporter on the local sports scene. Therefore, in this Monica McNutt encyclopedia, we chart her career.

Family of Monica McNutt

On October 24, 1989, Monica McNutt was born in Maryland. Her parents, Kevin and Desiree McNutt, reared her and her sister, Melanie, in Suitland.

Kevin McNutt, the father of Monica and Melania, is a writer, a journalist, and the basketball coach of his daughter. In one of his two books, Hooked on Hoops (2002), he gathered perspectives from basketball players, parents, teachers, and others to examine the fascination with the sport among African-American adolescents.

In 2015, he released Playing Time: Tough Truths about Youth Sports, AAU Basketball, Parents, and Athletes. This book, while having a similar concept to his last one, also depicts the harsh reality of African-American sportsmen being mistreated and taken advantage of in order to maximize their earning potential.

Education and Basketball Career of Monica McNutt

The majority of Monica McNutt’s college career was spent playing basketball under her father’s guidance. She attended Georgetown University after earning her diploma from the Academy of the Holy Cross.

Her guard play for the Hoyas women’s basketball team was exceptional. She gives her parents, instructors, and coaches credit for her academic and athletic successes, despite the fact that being a student-athlete can be taxing.

Although McNutt had a bright future in basketball, a media and tactics class caused her to fall in love with journalism. She then obtained an internship with the sports division of NBC4. She also wrote a blog for The Washington Post that offered advice to student-athletes.

2011 saw McNutt get a BA in English language and literature. The University of Maryland, College Park awarded her a master’s degree in broadcast journalism in 2013.

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The Career of Monica McNutt

Monica McNutt worked as a sideline reporter and color commentator for Verizon Fios 1 News for five months in 2011 and 2012. From 2011 to 2013, she also maintained her Washington Post blog.

After finishing her degree work, McNutt was hired as a digital media producer at NBC Sports Washington. She worked as a sports reporter for Prince George’s Community Television at the same time.

When Washington, D.C.’s hired the former athlete to work as a sports anchor and general assignment reporter, she quit her previous positions. She relocated to West Palm Beach, Florida, in 2015, and worked as an anchor for the American Sports Network there until 2017.

Currently, McNutt works several roles in the media sector. She has worked as a digital media reporter, producer, and freelance basketball game reporter for beIN Media Group since 2017.

Since 2018, McNutt has hosted The Roundball Report. In 2015, her father advertised his second book on the same program. She was also employed by Fox Sports as a basketball analyst in 2018, and she still works there now.

She joined ESPN in 2019 and contributes insight on college basketball to ACCN. Moreover, McNutt started presenting the nightly sports talk show on MSG Network. With her assignment to the venerable ESPN program Around the Horn, her quick ascent within the company also continues.

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