Malika Haqq

Everything You Need To Know About Malika Haqq’s Family, Parents, Siblings, And More!

Malika Haqq might not be the biggest celebrity in the entertainment industry—in fact, if you don’t watch reality TV, you might not even know who she is—but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t attracted a lot of attention.

The American television personality is most known for being Khloe Kardashian’s best friend and occasionally appears on the reality series and in the star’s social media posts.

Haqq, though, is much more than just a “close friend in a professional capacity.” From the complex relationships she has with her parents to her other connections to celebrities and unexpected wealth.

Parents of Malika Haqq

Even in the best of circumstances, relationships with relatives can be difficult, and this is particularly true when it comes to how one feels about their parents. Malika was born in Los Angeles, California, but her parents “immigrated from Khuzestan Province in Iran” before she was born, hence she is Afro-Iranian in origin, according to

The Guardian writes that the region where her parents are from is “Iran’s most south-western province” and that its population “experienced dust storms, dried-up rivers, and increasing pollution.” The way Haqq talks about her parents these days has significantly changed.

While Haqq exhibits obvious affection for her mother, telling Kathleen Cross that she respects her “She’s emotional, but she’s 100 percent strong,” I said. I doubt I could have endured even a fraction of what she did “— it appears that she and her father do not have a close relationship.

According to the actress, “I seldom ever see my father. I did when I was very little, but not since. Actually, I did see him once at a funeral for a family.” She called the interaction “awkward.”

Haqq was also ready to discussing the impact of her relationship with her absent father, or lack thereof, adding, “As soon as I suspect a man is leaving, it causes me to withdraw. Let me leave you first, I say.”

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She also revealed to Kathleen Cross that Malika Haqq is a twin whose twin sister’s name is Khadijah “Being a twin is great. Never in my life do I want to experience life without my twin “— Jamal is the brothers’ brother.

They weren’t the only twins in the family, which also had five other children, it turned out. Malika posted a picture of her and her three sisters on Instagram in August 2018 and included the caption, “Most people are unaware of how I developed. I have two sets of identical twin girls. I am only one. I twice praised my mother.” The older twin tragically passed away at the age of 18.

When Kathleen Cross questioned Malika about her most challenging experience, she said, “when I was twelve, I lost my elder sister. Twins were born to my mum twice. It had a significant impact on Khadijah and me since one of my older twin sisters had passed away. We constantly worried that one of us might pass away at the age of 18.”

Fortunately, the twins have flourished and, in October 2019, they debuted their own Facebook series, Side by Side with Malika and Khadijah.

In an Instagram video, Khadijah explained to potential viewers that despite being twins, “In many respects, we are very dissimilar. We happen to disagree with each other on almost everything.”

Even though that might be the case, the sisters still view themselves as “best friends.”

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