Keo Motsepe

Everything You Need To Know About Keo Motsepe Including His Bio, Age, Net Worth & Relationships!

Through his dancing classes, South African dance personality Keo Motsepe learned to be a gentleman. But when it comes to love, he doesn’t appear to require any instruction; he simply dances to the beat of his heart with his lovely partner!

The South African dancer is well recognized for being the first black professional dancer on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. He was born in Pretoria. He is well-known for his dancing techniques, which include Latin and Ballroom.

In the 27th season of DWTS, Koe is paired with Evanna Lynch, an Irish actress.

Details About Keo’s Early Life & Parents

Keo was born in Pretoria, South Africa, on November 24, 1989, and raised in Johannesburg. In his two sisters, he has two elder siblings.

The DWTS has been setting the globe on fire with his dancing moves, standing at a towering height of 6 feet and 3 inches.

Keo Motsepe’s Passion For Dance & Rise To Fame

Keo was planning on pursuing a career in football before discovering his passion for dancing. His mother and a friend, on the other hand, felt that his feet were more suited to dance than football.

The same acquaintance took him to a local dance studio when he was five years old. His feet seemed to have a consciousness of their own, dancing to the beat of the music and his emotions. His family then enrolled him in a dance school. It took him barely a year to get into amateur competition.

His family took the difficult decision to send him away from home to realize his actual potential after receiving good accolades from his first dancing coach. He moved in with his dance partner’s family and the two of them started practicing every day.

Motsepe’s dedication to practice earned him the opportunity to represent South Africa in international Latin ballroom dance events when he was 11 years old. He earned his first title of South African Latin Dance Champion at the age of 14, a competition he went on to win for the next eight years.

How Much Is Keo Motsepe Worth?

Keo has a $300,000 net worth as a result of his great dance career. He has performed in all six DWTS national tours during his career.

He created history in 2012 when he became the first South African dancer to perform on the Burn the Floor world tour. He made his television debut on Strictly Come Dancing a year later. The dance enthusiast relocated to America in 2014, where she joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars (DWTS).

He has danced with several celebrities, including athlete Lolo Jones, model Charlotte McKinney, music legend Chaka Khan, actress Jodie Sweetin, and Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran, during the show’s seasons.

However, it was during the 24th season of DWTS, when he was paired with American-Spanish actress Charo, that he truly blossomed on the show’s stage and established himself as one of the best dancers.

Harry Potter Star Joins Keo

Evanna Lynch, an Irish actress, joins Keo Motsepe for the 27th season of DWTS. If you haven’t heard about his new companion, you haven’t seen Harry Potter yet.

Lynch is an animal rights activist who starred in the Harry Potter films as Luna Lovegood, an eccentric and talented Ravenclaw student, from 2007 to 2011.

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She learned Irish dancing and ballet as a child and, like Motsepe, is a major Michael Jackson admirer. She had been looking forward to completing her childhood ambition of dancing on the world’s greatest stage: DWTS, ever since her most high-profile project, the Harry Potter film series.

Koe Motsepe’s Love For Blonde Girls

It’s easy to see why Motsepe, the DWTS winner, is a female favorite. He not only knows how to dance gracefully but also how to treat a lady with respect. With a swarm of beautiful women chasing after him, it appears like he has a girlfriend— a blonde girlfriend.

Yes, the 28-year-old is seeing a blonde girlfriend with whom he has been displaying and adoring his love on social media!

He and his girlfriend have been having a nice relationship life, according to his Instagram and Twitter profiles, from spending significant days like Valentine’s Day and birthdays together to dressing up rather fashionably for date night.

Koe’s blonde and sultry lover has yet to be named, although she was last spotted on his social media accounts in May 2018. However, the duo has subsequently faded from view. It appears that his major concentration is on performing well in the new season of DWTS.

Before his current relationship with his blonde girlfriend, he was linked to now-married colleague DWTS Emma Slater.

Koe Motsepe Is Interested In Becoming A Family Man

Even though Koe has yet to tie the knot, he has expressed his desire to marry and start a family. He wants to share the same kind of link as his parents, influenced by his loving parents’ nurturing.

He acknowledged his affection for children and stated that he sees himself as a father of two someday in a 2015 US Magazine exclusive, among the lists of facts about him.

He’s presumably sticking to a tight regime to win the DWTS as of September 2018, therefore he’s unlikely to marry anytime soon. If he does marry, it’ll most likely be to his unnamed and gorgeous blonde girlfriend!

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