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Everything You Need To Know About Julie Foudy and Ian Sawyers’ Two Children – Isabel Ann And Declan!

A well-known figure in women’s soccer is Julie Foudy. The retired soccer player’s accolades include two Olympic gold medals and two FIFA Women’s World Cup titles. She received the FIFA Fair Play Award in 1998, becoming the first American and first female to do so. She currently works for ESPN as a reporter, analyst, and primary color commentator.

Julie is a well-known soccer personality in addition to being the proud mother of two children, who she raises with her devoted husband. Many individuals are interested in learning more about the newborns as they grow older. Let’s learn more about Julie Foudy’s children with her husband, Ian Sawyers, in this article.

A difference of over two years in age

The former soccer player is happily married to Ian Sawyers, as was already known. They got married in 1995 and have been a couple ever since. The couple has been married for more than twenty years, and they now have two children and have happy lives.

The oldest of Julie Foudy’s children, Isabel Ann Sawyers, was born on January 1, 2007, and is the oldest. Then, in December 2008, Declan Sawyers, their son, was born. Additionally, Isabel goes by the name Izzy.

Siblings Sawyers get along well with one another. Furthermore, given their close to two-year age gap, they must have had a lovely childhood. Let’s find out more about what the siblings are doing now.

Children of Julie Foudy Are Currently in School

Ian, Julie, Isabel, and Declan make up the wonderful family of four known as the Sawyers. Children of Julie Foudy are lavished with affection and attention as they grow up. Regarding their education, they are presently in school.

High school for Julie Foudy’s kid began in 2021. Likewise, as of August 2021, Declan was a seventh grader. Izzy still has a few years before heading off to college. Beautiful images of them taken on the first day of their individual classrooms were shared by their mother.

Mother of Isabel and Declan mostly misses their first days because of her employment, which requires her to travel to various locations. She therefore posted throwback images of some earlier first days in August 2022.

Which school the Sawyers siblings are attending is unknown. However, they must be relishing every second of it. I hope Ian Sawyer and his wife are proud of their kids.

Are sports fans

Isabel and her sibling come from a sporting household. As previously mentioned, their mother is a former soccer player who now works as a color analyst. The father of the Sayers family was also a manager and player in soccer. Many people may be wondering if the kids of Julie Foudy and Ian Sawyers are sports fans as well.

In any case, Isabel and her brother frequently watch a number of games with their parents. As a result, they must have a keen interest in soccer as they attend numerous matches. Additionally, in February 2021, Isabel Ann Sawyers’ mother uploaded a photo of her with Blue Lighting, her first soccer squad. Izzy was still going strong, Julie added.

Could this mean Isabel is currently playing soccer as well? Similarly, the family frequently goes skiing. Furthermore, Isabel appears to adore surfing based on her mother’s Instagram photos. Declan enjoys surfing in a same manner. It seems that the children have inherited Julia and Ian’s athletic DNA.

It may not be the right time to find out about their employment decision. But the Sawyers children will have their parents’ full support no matter what path they choose.

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The four of us frequently go on hikes together

The Sawyers family also enjoys trekking together in addition to sports. They frequently hike to various locations. Even when traveling to Switzerland, the family hiked along numerous hiking trails. The mother of Declan and Isabel frequently posts beautiful photos from their travels.

Overall, it appears that Julie Foudy’s kids are doing well. They must be living the best life possible because they visit many nations. Let’s hope they make their parents proud in whatever career they decide to pursue. In the upcoming days, hopefully, we will discover more about Isabel Ann and Declan. We hope they have many happy days ahead.

Name Meaning

Spanish in origin, Isabel means “pledged to God.” The additional meanings of this phrase are “God is my oath” and “God is perfection.” The Latin female given name Anna is a version of Ann, which is also written Anne. The Hebrew name Hannah, which means “kindness or grace,” is represented by it.

Declan is an Irish name that means “man of prayer” or “full of goodness.”

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