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Everything You Need To Know About Journalist Chris Cillizza Including Her Bio, Wife, Family, And More!

Viewers mocked CNN political journalist Chris Cillizza for his reporting style—a simple yet elegant presentation of information. The politician, on the other hand, didn’t allow the insults to get to him because he sought solace in the company of his gorgeous family.

The Marlborough native is best known for co-hosting The Tony Kornheiser Show, a sports podcast that was voted No. 8 in Talkers Magazine’s list of America’s top 100 sports talk hosts.

Chris has written for The Washington Post’s daily political blog, The Fix, and has contributed to the Post on political issues in addition to reporting.

Chris Cillizza’s Early Years, Childhood, and Journalism Career

Christopher Michael Cillizza was born on February 20, 1976, in Marlborough, Connecticut. In 1994, he graduated from The Loomis Chaffee School, an exclusive residential school in Windsor, Connecticut.

The 42-year-old journalist, who is of Sicilian and Irish ancestry, earned a B.A. in English from Georgetown University in 1998.
Chris’s career as a journalist began after he interned for conservative author George Will. He wanted to be a sports journalist at first but opted against it because he felt politics would be more enjoyable.

Chris eventually went on to work for The Cook Political Report, where he covered southern House and gubernatorial elections.

He eventually joined Roll Call in June 2001, where he covered presidential and legislative campaign campaigns before leaving as the paper’s White House correspondent. Chris’ freelance work has appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, Slate, and Washingtonian, among other publications. He appeared on Fox News Channel and MSNBC several times as a guest, and it wasn’t long before he was promoted to MSNBC Political Analyst.

Chris Cillizza’s Career at CNN

After leaving MSNBC, Chris joined CNN as a political correspondent and digital editor-at-large in April 2017 and contributed to the network’s broadcast and online platforms.

CNN announced the start of The Point with Chris Cillizza in June 2017. The brand would deliver daily editorials, evening newsletters, on-air analysis, a podcast, and the occurrences of trivia night events in Washington, DC, according to the official press release.

Chris covers several aspects of national politics, including the White House, Congress, and the congressional districts. Chris has been a frequent co-host of The Tony Kornheiser Show since 2014, in addition to CNN.

Chris Cillizza’s Incredible Salary & Net Worth

Chris hasn’t revealed his income or pay, but there’s little doubt that he’s well compensated for his razor-sharp analysis and concise summaries of political events. According to reports, a CNN reporter’s average income varies from $48k to $52k, with Chris’ year-long experience bringing him more than the above-mentioned pay.

Chris’ fortune grew during his time as a columnist for the Washington Post’s The Fix. As a result, it would not be an exaggeration to claim that his net worth is in the millions of dollars.

Chris adores his former hockey player wife Gia

Chris met his wife, Gia, on a softball field, rather than some cliched fated encounter. She used to be a competitive scholarship field-hockey player at Miami University.

Despite the scant admissions about Chris and his wife’s romantic relationship before their marriage, Chris does not hold back in showing his admiration for Gia in his life now, posting images of her on social networking sites. Chris revealed in an interview that he finds solace when he dines out with his spouse after a stressful week at work and his continual squabbles with critics when he dines out with his wife.

Chris’s fondness for his wife is matched by his unbridled affection for his children.

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Chris’ Unconditional Love For His Children

Charlie Cillizza and Will Cillizza, the CNN analyst and his wife, have two sons. And the two are the main sources of enjoyment and drive for Chris in his life. Chris can’t stop gushing about his wife and sons, and there’s no reason for him to hold back his affection.

He enjoys spending time with his family and does not let his business interfere with his pleasant routine, which involves his wife and sons.

Chris’ work stress is melted away when the family goes out to meals and celebrates holidays. Chris’ best stress reliever is when he plays hoops with his ardent Nationals fans boys.

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