Jenna Wicklund

Everything You Need To Know About Josh Wicklund – Jenna Wicklund’s Husband!

Actress and cosmetic artist Jenna Wicklund has evolved into a popular social media YouTuber. Her followers, whose numbers are increasing daily, enjoy her videos and posts on motherhood, beauty, DIY projects, and other topics. However, those who recently hit the follow button are particularly interested in the content creator’s personal life.

They are interested in finding out Jenna Wicklund’s husband. Josh Wicklund is visible in Jenna’s videos and blog postings. However, he keeps a minimal profile on social media. We now go into greater detail regarding their relationship.

Family of Josh Wicklund

Josh Wicklund was born in Cambridge, Minnesota, on July 30, 1995. He is one of Angela Wicklund’s and her husband’s four children. Sydney, Keely, and Allie Wicklund, Josh’s sisters, also helped raise him. Local bakery is owned by Keely. About his sisters and parents, though, not much else is known.

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Education and Career of Josh Wicklund

Josh Wicklund received his degree from Minnesota’s Anoka-Ramsey Community College. He was a laborer and framer for his family’s roofing company. Josh is a master contractor and constructor, according to his Instagram feed. On LinkedIn, he also makes mention of working in sales and digital marketing. But it’s unclear what his present position entails.

Relationship and Children of Josh and Jenna Wicklund

Josh Wicklund and Jenna Rooney wed on September 16, 2017, after becoming engaged in 2016. Jenna was 18 years old, just out of high school, and Josh was 23.

Jenna, a self-taught cosmetics artist and aspiring actor, made the announcement as she and Josh were growing their social media following. Hazel Jane Wicklund, their oldest child, was born on July 15, 2019.

Jenna’s YouTube and Instagram posts began to focus heavily on motherhood at the same time that she and Josh were expecting their second child. On May 4, 2021, their younger daughter Tatum Bell was born.

In order to give future mothers as much information as possible, Jenna has published her labor experiences on her YouTube channel. Her videos discuss a number of topics, including her first unmedicated birthing experience, birth trauma, postpartum experiences, and her water birth with Tatum.

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