Jazzy DiStefano

Everything You Need To Know About Jazzy Distefano – Chris Distefano’s Wife!

Chris Distefano’s year has had several memorable moments in addition to hosting the new truTV series Backyard Bar Wars. Early this year, the comedian and his wife Jazzy Distefano made the announcement that they were expecting their second child together (Jazzy’s third).

The wife of Chris Distefano is a rising social media figure in the fitness industry as well as a motivator for many ladies who desire to beat postpartum depression. She is a person who merits being highlighted in this Jazzy Distefano wiki.

The Distefano Family of Jazzy

She was born Jasmin Canuelas in Brooklyn, New York, on April 17, 1984. She is one of Edwin and Liz Canuelas’ three children, along with two daughters and a son.

In 2018, Jasmin, Jessica Canuelas, and Edwin, the father of their brother, all passed away. He was employed by the previous Lutheran Medical Center, which is now Brooklyn’s NYU Langone Hospital. His children carried on his Puerto Rican background because he was an Aibonito, Puerto Rico native.

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The Career of Jazzy Distefano

She currently goes by the name Jazzy Distefano and has certifications in Zumba, spin, and group exercise, among other health initiatives. She started working out after postpartum depression was treated with it.

For ladies who had just given birth, Distefano created her own exercise regimen, the Jazzymethod (formerly known as BTM: Bodyweight Training to Music). Her routine combines bodyweight exercise with tempo-controlled music.

Distefano has expanded her personal training programs over various social media channels during the pandemic. Additionally, her courses are available on Patreon.

Kids of Jazzy Distefano

Chris Distefano, a comedian, and Jazzy Canuelas, formerly Jazzy Canuelas, have been dating at least since late 2013. They were wed in 2015.

Delilah Distefano, a daughter of Chris and Jazzy Distefano, was born in May 2015. Jazzy, who already has a boy from a previous relationship, gave birth to her as her second child. On June 25, 2021, Jazzy and Chris welcomed their second child together. They gave Violette Luna Distefano as her name.

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