Everything You Need To Know About Jamison Bachman – He Has Changed After Witnessing A Murder!

Jamison Bachman

Why else would Netflix devote two episodes to Jamison Bachman’s narrative while only giving the other roommates’ stories one? Jamison Bachman is probably the worst roommate depicted in Worst Roommate Ever. His story was based on a 2018 piece by William Brennan that described the atrocities Jamison had committed against roommates all around the East Coast.

Bachman followed a routine, first appearing to be an affluent and amiable neighbor before showing his true colors and typically forcing the roommate to leave. Jamison allegedly chose to target women so that he could establish dominance through his large stature and legal expertise.

 Despite breaking the terms of the leasing agreement, Bachman took advantage of legal loopholes in the community that made it difficult to remove him.

After killing his brother, Jamison committed suicide

Alex Miller, Jamison’s last roommate, had driven him to the brink and caused him to lose control. Because of the assault, Miller had grounds to evict Jamison and request Bachman’s eviction in a protection from abuse order.

Bachman was detained by the authorities and accused with simple assault, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, and possession of a weapon for criminal purposes. Despite Jamison’s misdeeds, his brother Harry showed enough concern to cover his bail.

In addition, Harry paid the bail for Jamison’s Philadelphia court case in which he was accused of disobeying a court order and threatening terrorism. Jamison requested to live with Harry because he couldn’t go back to Alex’s house, but Harry’s wife Caroline rejected him and cited his criminal record.

Jamison killed his brother in cold blood after attacking him out of frustration and rage. When Harry arrived, he was preparing to leave for Saratoga, New York. The evidence indicated that there had been a struggle within Harry’s early 20th century-style home.

Harry’s body was discovered by police on the basement steps. He had a cut ear and a head injury. Police apprehended Jamison after following Harry’s American Express card to a motel seven miles from his house.

Jamison was implicated in the murder by a mountain of evidence, thus it seemed clear that prosecutors would succeed in getting him convicted. Jamison would face first- and third-degree murder charges, which is a standard strategy utilized by prosecutors in the early phases of a case, according to Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele.

Jamison Bachman, however, didn’t attend to court; instead, he hanged himself in his cell at the Montgomery County Prison.

Following Miller’s rowdy party at their house, Bachman assaulted her

Bachman responded under the identity “Jed Creek” to Alex Miller’s Craigslist advertisement for a roommate. As was his habit, Bachman and Alex Miller had a fruitful first encounter.

Jamison disclosed to Alex that he was a lawyer in need of lodging while attending to family matters nearby. In addition, his dog got along with Alex’s dog, and he gave Miller a check for $800. Unusually few for a legal professor, he moved in the very following day.

Following the settlement, Bachman made it clear that he had no intention of carrying out the duties Alex and he had promised to do as co-lessees. Rent and energy bills were among the expenses he refused to pay.

When Alex started to wonder about Jed Creek’s identity, she discovered that her new roommate was Jamison Bachman, a serial squatter who had terrorized roommates all across the East Coast. Miller also learned that Jamison was not subject to eviction despite his multiple violations of local regulations.

Every day brought a worsening of the living conditions at Alex and Jamison’s home. Miller’s personal space was violated, and he kept a cat despite Alex’s intolerance to cats. He also utilized dining chairs to make a workstation for his room and unscrewed lightbulbs from public areas for personal use.

According to Alex on Worst Roommate Ever, “We agreed he would share the cost of paying the bills.” When I later requested Jed to pay the bills, he would mock me. He made me the target of his malicious laughter. It was humiliating. It was patronizing and made me feel stupid.

Jamison had to leave, according to Alex, and she was prepared to use force if necessary. Three of Jamison’s biggest peeves—smoking, drinking, and rap music—were present during a protracted party Miller hosted at her home. Jameson whisky was served during the celebration as a strong indication to Jamison that he was not welcome there.

In response, Jamison flushed cat litter into the toilet. A furious Jamison attacked Miller the next day in the restroom, choking her and stabbing her in the thigh. He inadvertently signed his eviction notice in the process.

Alex expressed sadness about the murder and suicide that marked Jamison’s tragic ending. She was somewhat relieved that she would not be going up against the monster in court, though.

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Jamison apparently developed psychopathic traits after witnessing a murder as a student

Former acquaintances described Jamison as pleasant and smart; despite having a difficult background, Jamison seemed to have a promising future ahead of him. He was transformed, nonetheless, by a murder he saw at Tulane University in New Orleans.

At a fraternity home in 1976, Jamison’s buddy Ken Gutzeit was killed by student librarian Randell Vidrine. Ken’s propensity to consume a sandwich at the library had previously caused Randell and Ken to argue.

That evening, Ken allegedly attempted to start a fight when he saw Vidrine leaving for home. Vidrine resisted and returned home with a jackknife. He stabbed Ken in the neck with the knife, cutting off a significant blood vessel. In front of Jamison and the other students, Ken bled to death.

According to what we understand, they never clashed over anything else, a police representative stated, “I know it sounds unbelievable. Always, it was all about the sandwich. A grand jury unexpectedly decided not to indict Vidrine.

According to Bachman’s childhood friend Bob F., the episode made Bachman a dark and paranoid person. He did point out that the murder and how it had affected Jamison did not justify his actions.

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