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Gina Kimmel turned her undergraduate sweetheart into a husband who went on to become a famous comic over time, leaving her to call the marriage off. In any case, not all college sweethearts who marry continue their connection indefinitely.

The American native rose to prominence as Jimmy Kimmel’s wife. She has also received acclaim for films such as The Man Show in 1999 and Party Like The Queen Of France in 2012.

A short biography of Gina Kimmel

Gina Maddy, who is 53 years old, was born in the United States on December 13, 1964. Her father’s name is James Maddy, while her mother’s name is unknown. She attended North Illinois University from 1983 to 1985 and Arizona State University from 1985 to 1988. Her topic of study, however, is unknown.

However, she may have studied art and design because she is a well-known designer who operates her own Vintage Lingerie Company.

‘The Young and the Restless’ Star’s Family Perspective Gina Kimmel’s Salary Maddy James, the established designer’s vintage lingerie firm, was named after her father in 2018. From the company, she is expected to earn a net worth ranging from $18,930 to $85,340.

Her earnings as an actor are unknown, and little is known about her real estate.

Gina Kimmel and Her Husband, Jimmy Kimmel, Have Two Children

Gina met her future husband at Arizona State University, where they were college sweethearts. The dates must have clicked since it didn’t take long for them to take the next step and turn their gig into marriage.

In June 1988, Gina and Jimmy exchanged wedding vows. The newlyweds had two children: an older daughter, Katie Kimmel, born in 1991, and a younger son, Kevin Kimmel, born in 1993.

The Kimmel family enjoyed a decade of happiness, unconscious of the fate that would befall them in the next decade.

Did Jimmy Kimmel Divorce Gina Kimmel to Marry Someone Else?

Mr. and Mrs. Kimmel’s relationship hit a snag when Mr. Kimmel’s reputation on television grew. When he began an affair with fellow female comic Sarah Silverman in early 2002, The Man Show star host may have had enough of his existing family.

This prompted a schism between the former husband and wife, which culminated in their divorce in June 2003. Sarah and Jimmy were together until March 2008. But this man couldn’t survive long without a woman, and in 2013, he married Molly McNearney, a writer from his show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The witty anchor is now happily married, but Gina is still known as “Jimmy Kimmel’s ex-wife.”

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Gina Kimmel’s Post-Divorce Life With Her Husband

Putting an end to something that formerly existed is an entirely different sensation. Some people get through it and move on, while others can’t seem to stop riding an emotional roller coaster for an extended period. Gina appears to be in the first category.

The former spouse had left, but he had left behind two children who were neither young nor old. Gina assumed sole custody of the children, and both of them are now in their twenties, with daughter Katie working as a fashion designer and aspiring actress and son Kevin working as an actor in the industry.

She appears to have moved on or at least is attempting to. Since 2014, she has been dating a mysterious man. She is dating him. The designer has yet to reveal the identity of her mystery boyfriend, which is why he remains a mystery. His real name, however, is Chris Jones.

If not the name, Gina’s surname is unmistakably Jones, as she stated in one of her Instagram photos. She occasionally shows the man her date pictures.

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