Dante Deiana

Everything You Need To Know About Dante Deiana – Meteorologist Cheryl Scott’s Husband!

Locals of Chicago are likely familiar with Cheryl Scott, a veteran meteorologist for ABC7. But they also can’t help but be curious in her private life. People on social media frequently enquire about Scott’s relationships.

In 2018, Cheryl Scott’s engagement to her fiance, Dante Deiana, had ABC7 viewers gushing nonstop. To not be familiar with Dante the Don, Chicago’s most well-known DJ, is to be living under a rock. Despite their extended relationship, little is known about Scott’s prospective marriage. So, in Dante Deiana’s wiki, we provide additional information about Cheryl Scott’s fiance.

The race of Dante Deiana

Dante Deiana was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, on October 13, 1982. Jackie Deiana and Audra Deiana are his sisters.

Jackie, Dante, and Audra are all of Italian ancestry, according to his Instagram post. Elnora “Ellie” Rubin, Dante’s grandmother, told him that their family left the Pazzano region and the fishing village of Fano in Italy and immigrated to North America. In Massachusetts, where they still reside today, the family made its home.

Designer and businesswoman Elnora was Dante’s grandma. She rebuilt Cape Cod’s renowned Chatham Bars Inn with Splash, a kitchen and bathroom showroom, after selling off a lucrative business.

The Career of Dante Deiana

In Chicago, Dante Deiana is well recognized for being a DJ in demand by celebrities. But he choose a different path to start his professional career.

He was pursuing law after earning a bachelor’s degree in political science and criminal justice from Loyola University Chicago in 2005. He had previously worked as a clerk at a legal office, but he had hated it.

Since his first year at St. John’s High School, he has performed as a DJ on the side. His mother was quite supportive when the chance to DJ in the entertainment industry presented itself. Deiana, however, claimed in an interview that his connection with his father had been strained for a long time before to starting on his new course of action.

Deiana had originally planned to pay for law school by working as a professional DJ for a year. That is, until he began getting hired at some of Chicago’s hottest venues, including performing mixes for Bulls and Cubs games.

Miley Cyrus also took notice of Deiana and decided to use him as the opening act for her gigs. When he was the tour’s headlining act, he got to know and collaborate with many more well-known figures. When Rob Gronkowski invited him to play at his party with the other Patriots, his dreams as a fan of the team were realized.

Under the DJ alias he used in high school, Dante the Don, he has been running an LLC since 2001. Deiana spent more than five years as a partner at Outfit Events and another two at Premier Event Marketing. Additionally, he has performed for radio programs on SiriusXM and KISS FM.

Deiana admitted that he had no intention of remaining a DJ indefinitely and that he was open to starting other ventures. He has been a partner at Forward Hospitality Group and Uproar Hospitality Group after starting his own business. He works as the entertainment director and a partner at Magnolia Café + Donuts.

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Since 2008, Deiana has also written blogs for Barstool Sports.

Relationship between Dante Deiana and Cheryl Scott

Since at least 2016, Dante Deiana has been dating ABC7 meteorologist Cheryl Scott. They allegedly first connected at a Chicago charity event and have been dating ever since.

Deiana proposed while Scott was on vacation with her longterm partner in 2018, when she took a break from her work as a TV host. On July 9, 2018, while they were in Hawaii, Deiana got down on one knee at the summit of the dormant Haleakala volcano. As soon as she returned, Scott immediately announced their engagement on ABC7.

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