Andrea Espada

Everything You Need To Know About Andrea Espada Including Her Bio, Age, Husband, Relationships, Children, And More!

Andrea Espada, a Colombian TV personality, finally discovered her soul mate at the age of 31. Andrea has found a shoulder to lean on after many years as a single mother.

Andrea Espada is most known as the host of UFC and for her Instagram account, where she has over 6 million followers thanks to her inventive comedic routines and photos. Andrea has collaborated on Instagram videos with several celebrities, including King Bach and Danielle Cohn.

Andrea Espada’s Early Years and Career

Andrea was born on August 17, 1986, and reared in Colombia. She attended the Autonomous University of the West, where she studied marketing and international business.

Andrea went to the United States from Colombia to pursue her dream of working in the entertainment industry. She has a YouTube account where she regularly posts funny sketches that have gained her a large following.

She began modeling at the age of thirteen in the ‘Millennium and Top Class’ academics, and at the age of fifteen, she began to go forward professionally.

Andrea’s Growing Wealth

Andrea Espada, like many other well-known people, earns a respectable living from her several occupations. She earns a nice living as a YouTuber by creating videos with strong content and gaining views.

Her estimated net worth is $350K, according to sources, but she might be making much more through her profession.

Andrea’s Son Is Eight Years Old!

Andrea has no known background or facts about her past, however, she does have a son. Ferren Espada, her 8-year-old son, is her pride and joy. Her son has his own Instagram account, which she oversees. He even appears in some of his mother’s videos.

Andrea hasn’t said anything about Ferren’s father to this point. As a mother and son, they have a strong bond and frequently encourage each other.

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Andrea and her husband, 4K Papi

Andrea and her partner met for the first time in 2014. Her boyfriend’s stage name is 4K Papi, but his real identity is unknown.

Andrea’s YouTube account is where the two frequently post videos. They met at a gym and 4K was mentioned in a video they published on YouTube. Papi was the one who approached Andrea and asked for her phone number.

They are currently living together, and her boyfriend has an excellent relationship with her son. The Royalty Family is the family’s moniker, and they have their line of merchandise. 4K Papi is routinely pranked by Andrea and her kid, and in one of their prank movies, 4K Papi mentions getting married. A comment was left congratulating the couple on their engagement, which has yet to be made public.

Given the couple’s close bond, it’s safe to assume Andrea will present her future spouse to the audience.

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