Everything to Know About Fats Domino’s Wife Rosemary Domino

Domino with Rosemary Domino

Fans of rock and roll legend Fats Domino are shocked by the news of his death and want to learn more about Fats Domino’s wife. What was the relationship like between Rosemary Domino and Fats Domino? See our Rosemary Domino wiki for more information.

Who exactly is Rosemary Domino?

Rosemary Domino, who was born in 1948, died in April 2008. There isn’t much information about her because, unlike her husband, she lived a private life and was never in the spotlight. Fats married at the age of 20 and was a “notorious homebody,” according to Rolling Stone. She had been his wife for over 50 years, and they had eight children together, all of whose names began with the letter “A.”

Rosemary Domino’s Children

Fats and Rosemary reportedly raised their eight children in the same New Orleans neighborhood where he grew up, but they did so in style — “in a white mansion trimmed in pink, yellow, and lavender.” The front double doors opened into an atrium with chandeliers suspended from the ceiling and ivory dominos on a white marble floor.”

Antonio, Andre, Anatole, Antoine III, Andonica, Andrea, Antoinette, and Anola were their four sons and four daughters.

There is also no description of Rosemary Domino’s wedding, and there are no photos of Rosemary Domino on social media.

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Hurricane Katrina impacted

Fats and his family were devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The damage was so severe that he and his family had to be rescued by boat, and he lost three pianos and several gold records.

“I’m not missing anything,” Domino declared after the rescue. “I guess it was just one thing that happened. I’m just sorry it happened to me and everyone else.”

Some thought he was dead during the hurricane and wrote R.I.P on his house, but the rumor was later debunked.

Fats Domino’s Legacy in Hollywood

Several celebrities have already paid tribute to him on social media. “I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill… that line inspired me to dream,” LL Cool J said on Twitter. Kid Rock called him a “true American treasure,” and songwriter Damien Jurado said, “There would have been no rock n’ roll, Jamaican ska, or rocksteady without Fats Domino’s major influence.” Harry Connick Jr., a native of New Orleans, also tweeted their condolences, writing, “RIP fats domino… You paved the way for new Orleans piano players… “I’ll see you on the top of that blueberry hill in the sky.”

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