Even After Their Breakup, JustMaiko and Her Dancing Partner Analisse, Maintain a Close Friendship

Personality on social media Justmaiko is frequently seen in adorable posts with his best friend/ex-girlfriend, Analisse.

Even after their breakup, Justmaiko and his dancing partner remain close friends with mutual admiration.

Cute Moments with Ex-Girlfriend Analisse by JustMaiko

Michael Le, also known as Justmaiko, is constantly setting Tik Tok on fire with his partner-in-crime. Many people are unaware that Analisse was once Le’s girlfriend.

This was revealed in a YouTube video by the dancing sensation himself.

The video, which was posted on October 16, 2020, is a montage of clips featuring the dancing duo.

The video starts with Analisse’s enticing dance moves and JustMaiko looking impressed.

The following clip depicts Justmaiko’s 20th birthday celebration with Analisse’s friends and family.

social media personality Justmaiko
social media personality Justmaiko (source: Pinterest)

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Another video shows the two having a cute moment. Justmaiko adorably hugs Analisse from behind in the clips as they respond to their fans all over the world. One fan, in particular, inquired as to whether the two were still together. The social media star responded quickly.

Where are all these people coming from, guys? You’re implying that we’re in this together. We are simply friends.

They eventually admitted to dating each other in the past.

Analisis remembered meeting Le for the first time when she was 11 years old, and their friendship grew as they began making Tik Tok videos.

They did, however, emphasize that they are now best friends and nothing more.

JustMaiko’s Cute Birthday Message

Justmaiko took to Instagram on November 20, 2020, to post a heartfelt birthday message to Analisse on her 20th birthday.

In the caption of the same post, he poured his heart out to let her and the rest of the world know how much she meant to him. Le stated that meeting her eight years ago changed his life in unfathomable ways.

He also admitted that he was very proud of her development into a smart and bright young woman.

He wholeheartedly believed she was destined for greater things and expressed excitement about her future accomplishments.

“You’re the most caring, loving, and thoughtful person I’ve ever met,” he went on, “and I can’t wait to see what else you accomplish from now on.”


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His Former Girlfriend’s Birthday

He went on to say that she would always be an important part of his life, no matter what the future held. He ended his heartfelt message by wishing her all the best in the coming decadeā€”her twenties.

He was confident that his ex-girlfriend would achieve much more in her life.

“I LOVE YOU @analisseworld,” he said as he wrapped up the message.

Along with the endearing captions, the TikTok sensation shared a slideshow of photos that highlighted his special relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

The carousel of photos included the duo posing for selfies as well as a couple of slides with only Annalise in the frame.

A video of the two was also included in the post.

He and Annalise appeared to be having fun playing a “whisper challenge” in the hilarious video.

While the TikToker with over 44 million followers may not be the best player on the platform, he appears to be having a good time with his BFF.

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