Dylan Farrow’s Life Fight Against Woody Allen and Sexual Abuse

Dylan Farrow's Life Fight Against Woody Allen

Following the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the subsequent movements, writer Dylan Farrow has questioned why her father, famous director Woody Allen, was not charged.

If you’re curious about Dylan Farrow’s letter or what happened between Dylan Farrow and Woody Allen, visit our Dylan Farrow wiki.

Dylan Farrow’s Age and Childhood

Dylan O’Sullivan Farrow, 32, was born to Woody Allen and Mia Farrow on July 11, 1985. She is Ronan Farrow’s adopted older sister, and she has two other adopted siblings, Moses, 39, and Soon-Yi Previn, 47, who later married Allen and adopted two children with him. Dana Farrow is Dylan Farrow’s husband, and they have a daughter named Evangeline, who was born on September 5, 2016.

For those who have been paying attention, the story of Dylan Farrow’s abuse is not new, but for those who are unaware of the dark allegations, it is. Dylan Farrow revealed in 2014 that her now-estranged father molested her when she was 7 years old, more than 20 years ago. There was an investigation, but there was no evidence of abuse, according to reports. Her mother was granted custody of the children, but Allen (who denied the allegations) was never charged and went on to make films with a variety of actors.

Woody Allen vs. Dylan Farrow

Dylan Farrow does not have an Instagram account, but she does have a Twitter account. She posted a message on Wednesday thanking those who have been supportive of her. She has questioned why her father, like Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein, has not been prosecuted.

“I understand that standing up to Woody Allen is not easy in this industry.” I understand that I am asking for bravery and even sacrifice. “However, if #TIMESUP truly stands with all victims, as it claims, then that sacrifice is required to help transform this moment into a movement,” she wrote. “There is a 7-year-old girl inside of me who thanks you from the bottom of her heart to those who have already taken a stand and amplified my voice with theirs.”

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Apology from Mira Sorvino

While many victims have come forward with their stories, including many of Hollywood’s biggest names, not every victim has been believed, and many have been skeptical, both inside and outside of Hollywood. Farrow has blamed many of her father’s collaborators, including Kate Winslet and Blake Lively. In a letter supporting his daughter, actress Mira Sorvino apologized for working with Allen and cut ties with him.

“I admit that when I worked for Woody Allen, I was a naive young actress.” I accepted the media’s portrayal of your abuse allegations against your father as the result of a twisted custody battle between Mia Farrow and him and did not investigate further, for which I am deeply sorry. I also owe Mia an apology for this.”

“It is difficult to sever ties and denounce your heroes, your benefactors, whom you fondly admired and felt a debt of gratitude toward for the existence of your entire career,” she continued. To decide that, despite their incredible talent and enormous assistance, they have done things for which there is no excuse. But that is where we are right now.”

“I send you to love and inclusion and admiration for your courage all this time,” she concluded. “I have faith in you!!”

The Case of Ronan Farrow

Her brother, Ronan, a Rhodes scholar and investigative journalist has been writing about the Weinstein scandal and has interviewed and heard the stories of victims. He’s also been supportive of his older sister and has spoken out against power abuse in the industry.

“It’s not for me to say what Hollywood will or will not do,” Ronan explained to The Hollywood Reporter. “I will say that there are still powerful men facing credible allegations of wrongdoing who continue to evade accountability in every industry.” As encouraging as this moment is, there is still a long way to go.”

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