Doug Marcaida

Doug Marcaida’s Age, Maritial Status, Ethnicity, and Net Worth

Doug Marcaida, an American reality star, is an edged weapon fighting specialist who creates some of the world’s most lethal blades and knives.

He is the creator of the Marcaida Kali martial art style, which is still evolving in the Philippines.

In addition, he serves as a judge on the History Channel’s Forged in Fire, an original competition series that shows epic weapons and blades on TV.

We’ve gathered a selection of wikis about the Forged in Fire star to help our readers get acquainted with him. First, we investigate his ethnicity, age, birthday, and knife-handling history. Later, we looked into his net worth and his relationship with his family members, particularly his wife.

Marcaida’s Wiki-Bio: Proud of Her Filipino Ethnicity

Marcaida, a Filipino-American martial artist, was born in the Philippines and holds American citizenship. With his mother and brothers, he relocated from his birthplace in the Philippines to the United States.

He and his family moved to the Hudson Avenue district in northeast Rochester after arriving in America.


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Furthermore, the weapons fighting expert has yet to share his birthday, age, or parents’ information.

He did, however, address his father in an Instagram post in which he shared a photo of his father and his two sons.


You are the grandfather in the case of my sons Dj and Jaden! Lol… My father is in the middle, at the age of 16. Marcaida said in his caption, “My middle and youngest at 16.”

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Doug Marcaida.
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His Net worth is Attributed to His Injury-Prone Profession

The artist is a judge on Forged in Fire, an original competition series on the History Channel. Even though he looks to be the most gentle of the judges, he is a dangerous guy.

He works with the most deadly blades, which might cause severe injury. Marcaida, on the other hand, is aware of the danger and educates others about its repercussions. He even pronounces ‘Kill’ as ‘Keal,’ and he believes it’s for a good cause. ‘Keal’ stands for ‘Keep Everyone Alive,’ according to him.

Similarly, he is the originator of Marcaida Kali, a martial art system primarily influenced by Southeast Asian techniques. He also develops some of the world’s most lethal blades and operates Marcaida Kali, a knife shop where he sells his range of knives and other fighting equipment.

His net worth must be in the thousands as a founder and owner. However, the precise specifics of net worth remain a closely guarded secret.

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Marcaida is a Married Woman with Children

Marcaida is a husband. However, he wants to keep the details of his married life, particularly that of his wife, highly private.

Having said that, he has revealed that he has three boys, two of whom are named Jaden Christopher Marcaida and Douglas James Marcaida.

Furthermore, he occasionally shares their photos on social media. In doing so, Marcaida acknowledged his children on Instagram in January 2018.

He posted a photo of his father with his younger and middle children, announcing his father’s role as a grandfather. In the statement, he also mentioned that his boys are studying blades.


He Wasn’t Always Able To Forge

Marcaida specializes in hand-to-hand combat and tactical tactics, according to his biography on the History Channel. The Forged in Fire judge may be described as a walking encyclopedia on the evolution of weapons of war.

Despite being skilled sword combatants, neither he nor his partner judge, Wil Wilis, understood how to forge until the third season of Forged in Fire. J. Neilson, another judge on the show, trained them.

History even aired a video that chronicled the entire saga. Throughout the video, Marcaida can be seen becoming increasingly agitated with the task at hand.

“This is why I pay folks for this!” he was quoted as saying.

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