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Director Robert Eggers’ Was Helped By His Wife Dr. Alexandra Shaker In Shaping The Critically Acclaimed Movie, ‘The Lighthouse’!

Before working on the critically acclaimed film The Witch, Robert Eggers worked as a costume designer for four years (2015). His wonderful wife, Dr. Alexandra Shaker, stood at his side during his transition from costume designer to director.

Even though Eggers is a director and Dr. Shaker is a clinical psychologist, the two find time to support each other in their personal and professional life.

In terms of their careers, Robbert Eggers and his wife are opposites

As previously said, Eggers is notorious for setting his films several hundred years in the past and spending a significant amount of time researching to ensure that the historical accuracy is preserved to the best of his ability. Granted, his films’ supernatural elements are more fiction than reality, but the basic structure of the story is methodically designed.

His wife, Dr. Shaker, on the other hand, has a quite different professional background. Eggers is a fiction writer, although his wife is a scientist. The critically renowned screenwriter’s wife is a New York State licensed clinical psychologist who earned her Ph.D. after completing a clinical internship at Columbia University Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

It’s also true that the talented screenwriter/director has an equally capable partner by his side, assisting him in realizing his dreams.

Egger’s collaborator has aided in giving his thrillers authenticity

In an interview with Fortune, the up-and-coming director revealed that it was his wife who discovered the most crucial resource for creating the sea shanty-Esque cadence in the script during the production of his second film, The Lighthouse.

Dr. Shaker discovered a thesis by Evelyn Starr Cutler that broke down the dialect and syntax in Sarah Orne Jewett’s work, according to Eggers in yet another interview with Esquire. Because her thesis relied heavily on interviews with sea captains, sailors, and farmers from the same era as The Lighthouse, the duo was able to successfully blend the old-timey talks into the film, contributing to Eggers’ unrelenting pursuit of historical truth.

Not only that, but the AV Club speculated that the negative connotation that the birds have in the first two installments of Eggers’ film stems from his phobia of birds. During an interview, however, the Independent Spirit Award winner revealed that his wife, Alexandra, is the one who has a bird fear.

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In Egger’s professional life, Dr. Shaker has been a steadfast ally

So it’s no surprise that when Eggers accepted the Best Screenplay award at the 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards, he acknowledged his wife before everyone else. He sounded teary-eyed as he thanked his wife for bearing with him during his four-year witch hunt.

I’d like to express my gratitude to my wife, who had to put up with my witch obsession for four years.

The camera zooms in on Mrs. Eggers as the speech reaches its emotional climax, almost as if to acknowledge her husband’s unwavering support over the years. Her mere attendance at the awards event is a testament to how important she has been in shaping her husband’s public and private careers. Aside from her considerable contributions to his professional path, his wife has built a strong portfolio for herself.

The good doctor and the burgeoning director/producer are unquestionably formidable duos.

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