Rick Ross

Did Rick Ross Embark On A Weight Loss Journey Because He Faced A Series Of Seizures? Find Out Here!

Rick Ross, an American rapper, and record executive has been engaged in the hip-hop industry since the mid-’90s and is still a household figure. While the seven-time Grammy nominee is still a powerful hitter in the rap business, he has lost weight.

The 44-year-old rapper, who used to weigh 350 pounds, has lost over 100 pounds and has been working hard to maintain his new physique. He weighed around 230 pounds in 2020, which was closer to his ideal body mass index (BMI), but still deemed overweight.

Rick Ross experienced two seizures in less than 24 hours, forcing him to rethink his life choices

Ross didn’t care about his health in the 2000s when he ate a lot of junk food and drank a lot of alcohol, and didn’t get enough sleep. The rapper slept for only four hours at night and enjoyed eating 24-ounce steaks and munchies in his studio around 4 a.m. He was also dependent on codeine, an opiate used to alleviate pain and cough.

After being brought to the hospital for two consecutive seizures in less than 24 hours in 2011, the hip-hop mogul’s habits changed. Ross was the only young person in the hospital’s waiting area, which was mostly inhabited by elderly white men. The seizure, combined with the awareness that he was dealing with such serious health difficulties at such a young age, prompted him to take action and adopt lifestyle adjustments to better care for his body.

Immediately following the event, the rapper began his road to recovery. He recounted asking the doctor what his worst adversary was back then in an interview with People magazine, and the doctor glanced at his chart and told him it was soda. Although soda was not the only item on the chart, Ross remembered where it all began.

Notably, it wasn’t the first time the songwriter had convulsions. The rapper reveals the worst experiences in his memoir Hurricanes, which include a seizure that landed him in the hospital for four days in March of 2018.

He still likes burgers and chicken wings, but only in moderation

The hip-hop legend did not start his weight loss journey by giving up everything he enjoys. He picked a longer but slower route.

The rapper has started a Reebok-sponsored tailored CrossFit program (named “Ross Fit”) that requires him to work out four times per week. He also worked with a personal chef to determine how many of his guilty pleasures he could indulge in.

Even though he’s on a diet, he still eats at Wingstop and Checkers once or twice a week, and only between the hours of noon and 5 p.m. He has, however, reduced his intake of some foods such as bread, white rice, and fish fillets, as well as his alcohol consumption.

“I knew it would only be a matter of time before I reverted to my old ways if I abandoned everything I loved cold turkey,” he told Men’s Health. “My advise to anyone trying to lose weight is to keep it from feeling like a chore.”

The rapper also stated that getting ripped like Thor or Aquaman was not his fitness aim. To be with his family, he wants to be healthy.

Staying alive and healthy is my fitness aim. And seeing my children mature. Aside from that, I’m already a sex icon. Ross appears to have maintained his weight in a snapshot from his Instagram account released in January 2021.

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Ross has teamed up with Jetdoc, a telehealth company, to promote personal health

The rapper’s dedication to fitness and wellness appears to extend to his business endeavors as well. Ross, who owns Wingstop and Checkers franchises, announced a strategic relationship with Jetdoc, a new Telehealth platform developed by healthcare entrepreneur Tommy Duncan, in December 2020.

The hip-hop artist’s motivation for supporting this telehealth software, according to him, is to help provide an affordable healthcare option. The businessman added that he was all too aware of a situation in which millions of Americans delay doctor visits owing to a lack of insurance.

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