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Did Carole Baskin Really Kill Her Husband Don Lewis? Find Out Here!

Following the premiere of Tiger King on Netflix, Carole Baskin and her Big Cats Rescue refuge became a hot issue. Following the airing of the show, questions were raised about her personal life and the area around her sanctuary.

The most fascinating subject among the many others was Baskin’s connection with her second husband, Don Lewis, and his enigmatic disappearance.

Lewis and Baskin had never had a good relationship, so his disappearance caused a lot of controversy. “Did Carole Baskin kill her husband?” is one of those queries.There have been many hypotheses put up on this, but are any of them valid?

Here’s a look at the disappearance that happened on Easy Street, what Baskin had to do with it, and the commotion that ensued.

Don Lewis, Carole Baskin’s second husband, vanished

In 1991, Baskin launched Wildlife on Easy Street, which she eventually renamed Big Cats Rescue, after getting married to Lewis. The former couple frequently quarreled because they disagreed on how to run their animal farm and how to spend the profits.

As their arguments grew more frequent, Lewis sought a restraining order against her in July 1997. She allegedly threatened to kill him, he said. He gave a copy of the rejected restraining order application to his secretary Anne McQueen, instructing her to raise it in the event that anything occurred to him. He had reportedly expressed his concern that his life was in danger to a few other persons as well.

And a thing did take place. He disappeared with just his van as a trail of evidence two months after his unsuccessful plea for a restraining order. On the morning of August 18, 1997, he departed from his house, telling Baskin he was going to Costa Rica to move some autos. He went and did not come back.

Following an investigation, his van was discovered close at an airport with the keys still inside, but no other traces of him were to be recovered. Although numerous people have been interrogated thus far, including Baskin, no one has been detained. As of 2022, the case is still pending.

Lewis was ruled legally dead in 2002, but the authorities are still looking for anyone with information about the case. Nothing significant has emerged in all these years, despite numerous attempts to locate him and learn about his whereabouts.

People have felt the urge to fill the gap this has caused with theories about how he might have vanished. And this is when rumors and inquiries about Baskin maybe killing her husband start to circulate.

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Carole Baskin, did she murder her husband?

The unofficial allegations that Baskin is to blame for Lewis’s disappearance and, possibly, demise have been greatly influenced by Tiger King and Joe Exotic. Exotic was a major contributor to many of those theories over the first two seasons.

Lewis visiting Costa Rica was one of the initial hypotheses. He possessed a great deal of property there and conducted business there. Many believe that he began a new life and assumed a new identity there, far from Baskin.

According to a different theory, he may have crashed while flying to Costa Rica. Investigations aside, no wreckage was ever discovered to support this theory. Now let’s talk about the allegations that Baskin was responsible for her husband’s disappearance. These rumors are based on Lewis and one of her ex-boyfriends’ attempts to get a restraining order issued against her.

Tiger King investigated the idea that Baskin ground up Lewis and fed the scraps to her tigers. These rumors have been denied by Baskin, who claims that she couldn’t even put his hands through a meat grinder, much less his entire body.

A Baskin lookalike was shown feeding raw meat to her large cats in Exotic’s music video for the song “Here Kitty Kitty.” Lewis’s remains, which are known to have one of the most acidic stomachs in the animal kingdom, were allegedly fed to her tigers, according to the now-incarcerated animal breeder.

Therefore, he postulates that tigers may eat Lewis and leave no trace. It’s important to note, though, that this hypothesis is not widely accepted. The premises of the sanctuary were empty at the time Lewis vanished, therefore this scheme also falls apart.

Therefore, there is no solid evidence that Baskin murdered her husband. In November 2021, the hypothesis that Lewis was still alive and well in Costa Rica got some additional support.

Lewis was reported to be alive and well in Costa Rica in a letter from Homeland Security, which was made public during Tiger King’s second season. Homeland Security reportedly learned about this in 2002.

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