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David Crosby Is Confident That His Mistakes Won’t Be Repeated By His Children!

The 1960s saw the emergence of legendary rock star David Crosby, initially with the Byrds and later with CSN. If Crosby hadn’t been fired for being a pain, he most likely would have stayed with the Byrds.

His musical career then took off like a rocket going into space when he teamed up with Graham Nash and Stephen Stills to form CSN. However, Crosby had already developed a serious addiction to drugs at that point and quickly started experimenting with every drug on the market because it was the “cool” thing to do.

Sadly, despite having immense potential, the rock star lost control and, for the following 20 years, his career was wrecked. The rocker was found guilty of possessing cocaine and a loaded gun after being stopped by the police one too many times.

Due to snorting too much cocaine, he had a perforated septum and twice came dangerously close to death.

Years later, in 2019, Crosby spoke candidly to Closer Weekly about his struggles with drugs and raising kids.

David Crosby is confident that his kids won’t follow in his drug-fueled footsteps

Crosby and his wife began a family and weaned themselves off strong drugs in 1989. Only one of Crosby’s six children, Django Crosby, was born with the help of his wife following expensive reproductive treatments carried out while Crosby’s liver was failing.

Erika Crosby and Donovan Crosby, offspring of the rock star’s relationships with Jackie Guthrie and Debbie Donovan, respectively. While Beckett Cypher and Bailey Jean Cypher were born to Melissa Etheridge and her then-partner Julie Cypher after Crosby volunteered to be the donor sperm, Crosby’s son James Raymond was conceived with Celia Crawford Ferguson.

When asked if he worried his children might walk down the same drug-fueled path as he did, he told Closer Weekly he was positive they would not.

“None of them are interested in hard drugs, so they must have all learned from my mistakes. I believe they were aware of what occurred and were able to prevent it, which is unquestionably amazing,” the singer remarked.

He mentioned he was most pleased of his children and added that all of them were doing well.

Beckett Cypher, David Crosby’s biological son, died from drug overdose. Sadly, despite Crosby’s optimism that his children wouldn’t make the same mistakes he did, his biological son Beckett went away a year later, in May 2020.

Etheridge, Beckett’s mother, disclosed that her son had passed away from heroin addiction.

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She spoke candidly about the devastating loss on Twitter

“My son Beckett, who was just 21, battled his addiction for a long time before giving up on it today. He will be missed by all who loved him, his family and friends,” tweeted Etheridge.

Crosby, too, opened up about the loss. A person on Twitter had stated that the rockstar had not been active in Beckett’s life, to which he replied, “not true.”

In a 2021 interview with The Guardian, Crosby disclosed that his son was a skateboarder who had experienced a few accidents. He obtained some painkillers and became dependent on them. Then he met someone who was carrying a strong narcotic, and he overdosed and passed away.

Beckett visited Crosby frequently with his daughter Bailey, and Crosby treated him as if he were his own son.

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