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Is Dating Morally Right For A 13-Year-Old Kid? Ariadna Juarez Wiki: Is Dating Morally Right For A 13-Year-Old Kid?

Is it ever OK for an adult to have a relationship with a minor? Experts may have argued it for years, but an 18-year-old YouTuber, Ariadna Juarez, has come out to rekindle the argument. Is pedophilia a crime or just a hindrance to people’s happiness?

The Texas native rose to stardom via social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, but she grabbed the attention of the world, including some serious social workers, when she revealed that she was dating a thirteen-year-old kid.

Biography of Ariadna Juarez: Age, Height

Ariadna Juarez, who was born on May 5, 2005, is a Dallas-based YouTuber and beauty blogger. She is mostly a beauty vlogger who discusses makeup and beauty tips, while also campaigning for ‘Promoting Happiness.’

People may have issues with her campaigns, but that is only a result of their dissatisfaction with someone else’s happiness (someone being her).

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Ariadna Had a Relationship With a Minor (Aged 13)

So, here’s the deal. Ariadna was already well-known on YouTube and Instagram, but she desired to do more constructive work for society. She wanted to teach the world about love because there weren’t enough love tales out there.

So she admitted that she was seeing a 13-year-old juvenile while she was 18 years old, i.e. an adult. She posted images of herself and the child, who was shirtless in some of them, in bed.

Perhaps she wanted to show the world that love comes in a variety of shapes and forms, and pedophilia was one of them for her.

The Minor’s Mother Is Fine With the Relationship

Another of Ariadna’s points is that her underage boyfriend’s mother, with whom she is reportedly ‘in love,’ is fine with the relationship. Her boyfriend’s mother was overheard saying, “It’s very difficult for me to see them since I can see and tell how much they both love one other.”

She even shared a video with her mum in which she explained how their connection is not unequal. She did not, however, specify on what basis it is even.

There is a child that is not sexually mature and has no concept of relationships. And Ariadna is open-minded enough to let her young boyfriend make life-changing decisions.

Ariadna Juarez and her boyfriend Minor
Ariadna Juarez and her boyfriend Minor (Source: liverampup)

She has Asked All of her Fans to Support her Relationship

Ariadna said that since it is all about happiness, people should have embraced her love rather than causing such a disturbance. After all, he’s only five years her junior—and a minor.

Her thesis is that because the two of them are happy (one of whom is a kid who the state of Texas has judged ‘not of age’ and hence incapable of making decisions for himself, particularly of a sexual nature), others should have been welcoming.

Ariadna Juarez requested fans to support their relationship
Ariadna Juarez requested fans to support their relationship (Source: YouTube)

Ariadna Decides to Wait and Will Try Again When the World has Become More Accepting

Ariadna finally decided not to continue the affair due to the deafening criticism from the public.

I can assure you that one year will not make a difference when you love someone. You can be in love with the same person today, tomorrow, next year, or three years from now. For the same reason, we decided to wait and attempt this again when everyone is ready.

Oh, my goodness! Ariadna assumed the moral high ground (at least she must be thinking that she did). She opted not to take advantage of a minor, but rather to let him mature and make his own decisions. That was the only thing most of her detractors wanted.

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