Dan Cummins

Dan Cummins’ Podcast ‘Scared To Death’ Has Reached New Heights Because Of His Wife’s Reactions And Storytelling Abilities!

Dan Cummins is working on a new podcast right now. The comedian created TimeSuck, a comic instructional podcast in which he discussed topics chosen by his listeners, such as serial killers, historical events, riddles, and so on.

His new work, Scared To Death, features a collaboration between him and his wife, Lynne Cummins. His current enterprise has attracted a larger audience than his previous one, thanks to the arrival of his wife. The couple is reaching new heights because of the podcaster’s aptitude for narrating ghost stories and Lynze’s honest and entertaining reactions.

Lady Fortune on His Side

Cummins’ first attempt to share stories with his audience was Timesuck, in which he attempted to substantiate or debunk the accounts. He had the major storytelling lead in the first podcast, which was more of storytelling and fact-based series, but his wife wasn’t much present.

The charming team has gotten together and created something that the viewers adore even more than their previous series with Scared To Death. The title of the series reveals the series’ fundamental concept. In it, the comic and his wife tell scary stories to one another. While fans are captivated by Cummins’ storytelling ability, they are equally engrossed in his wife’s spontaneous and funny replies, which serve to complement his stories and keep them equally hooked.

Almost all of the comedian’s admirers from his first podcast, TimeSuck, have joined him in his current endeavor. However, the couple acknowledged in several of their videos that they’re new Scared to Death fan base was unaware of their prior one. They even admitted that their second podcast was growing quicker than their first, which was still in its infancy.

In December 2020, the couple presented $41,000 to 80 families in need thanks to their growing fan following. They were able to raise the funds through their Patreon sites and donations from their fans. They also provided an amount equal to their fan’s donations.

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Information on the Power Couple

The pair appeared on Stephenie James’ show and told her about how they met and how their story unfolded.

They met in 2012 on one of Cummins’ Nickolodeon gigs, where Lynze happened to be the stylist. Lenze expressed her displeasure with Cummins, who was hardly cooperating. The podcaster, on the other hand, expressed his admiration for her.

Another coincidence was that he had purchased a pair of jeans that he did not own by accident. This prompted her to send him an email regarding the pants in question. Following the email, the comic expressed his delight at hearing from her and asked her out right away.

Lynze went on to say that they clicked right away because they had similar backgrounds. They could see they were a good match.

The couple also discussed how the comedian’s children were an important part of their marriage and lives in the interview. He expressed his gratitude to his children for connecting with her.

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