Beth Thomas

‘Child of Rage’: Beth Thomas Has Become A Registered Nurse And Her Incredible Transformation Is Discussed

Beth Thomas, also known as the “Child of Rage” and “Child Psychopath,” was diagnosed with severe RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) at the age of six.

Millions of people were horrified by her story after watching Child of Rage, a 1992 HBO documentary based on her life.

The documentary depicted Thomas’ rage, which had developed as a result of her lack of bonding and sexual abuse since infancy.

It also detailed her killing a nest of baby birds without reason, injuring the family dog, and abusing her brother.

She is no longer the same person who threatened to kill her adoptive parents and brother with a butcher knife. Thomas is now a registered nurse who works with children who are dealing with similar issues.

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The ‘Child of Rage’ Benefited from Holding Therapy

When Thomas was a young girl, she was a victim of sexual abuse. When her mother died, she and her 7-month-old brother John were left in the care of her biological father. However, rather than caring for his children, her father sexually abused her while neglecting John.

This went on for six months until the doctors realized what was going on and reported it to the authorities. As a result, social services took full custody of the two children, who were later adopted by Jill and Rob Tyler.

The situation after the adoption appeared to be fine at first, but problems arose soon after when her adoptive parents became aware of Thomas’ violent and rage outbursts.

Her history of sexually and physically abusing John was also revealed.

Things got worse.

She even slammed John’s head against the concrete and pushed him down a staircase at one point. She also threatened her adoptive parents and her brother with a butcher knife while they were sleeping.

The Tylers sought professional assistance soon after.

Dr. Ken Magid persuaded Thomas to admit to wanting to murder her family and uncovered her past. As a result, she was separated from her family and placed in a special home run by therapist Connell Watkins.

Thomas was able to bond with people and overcome her attachment disorder after multiple sessions of holding therapy, or “hugging therapy” (now a highly contentious practice after the treatment killed multiple patients).

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Beth Thomas, aka ‘Child of Rage,’ Has Married

Thomas has matured beyond bearing the weight of her father’s actions, as evidenced by her registration as a nurse. Furthermore, the rage-filled child who grew up with an attachment disorder is now a married woman.

According to The Netline, Thomas currently resides in Flagstaff, Arizona, with her husband, the identity of whom has not been revealed to the public.

Thomas married on November 18, 2016, according to the outlet.

However, due to her secretive lifestyle and deliberate avoidance of social media, it is impossible to say with certainty if she has any children of her own.


Beth Thomas is Assisting Children Just Like Her

The “child of rage” is no longer the same person. Thomas holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Colorado’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences and is a registered nurse.

She is also working with Nancy Thomas, her second adoptive mother, to educate people about parenting and how to help difficult children.

Because of her own experience, the registered nurse travels across the country to give speeches and educate people about attachment disorders.

She even wrote a book, ‘More Than A Thread Of Hope,’ to share her story of hope and healing.

She also received the Mountain West Nurse of the Year Award in 2010 for her contributions to child care.

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