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Chance Hurstfield Has Strong Bonds with Both of His Parents

Chance Hurstfield, best known as Daniel Dixon in the ABC series A Million Little Things, has two happy homes with whom he lives: one on his mother’s side and one on his father’s side.

The Canadian actor has strong bonds with both his parents and their family. Hurstfield’s biological parents divorced when he was very young, but they are now happily married to their current spouses.

His father, Adam H. Hurstfield, married the Filipina-Canadian pop singer and content creator Elise Estrada twelve years ago. Aby Cervantes, the teen sensation’s mother, is a pre-school teacher who has a happy marriage with Scott Sutherland and their two beautiful kids, Faith and Luna.

The World’s Most Proud Big Brother

Hurstfield lives with his father and stepmother, Estrada. In September 2020, the 14-year-old announced on Instagram that his father and stepmother are expecting a child. He posted a series of photos of himself, his father’s side of the family, and a cute puppy.

In the first image, all three of them had perplexed yet delighted smiles. Estrada, his stepmother, carried an ultrasound photograph of the baby in a baby pink short outfit. Adam, his father, donned black slacks and a t-shirt and held a pink board that stated, “Quarantining leads to either divorce or babies, guess which one we chose?” They had a child, of course. Meanwhile, Hurstfield sat with a dog between the soon-to-be parents, dressed in a navy blue t-shirt with a white-collar.

In the message, the A Million Little Things actor stated that Estrada had been unable to conceive for a long time but became pregnant the day after his uncle, Bert, died. He also described the infant as a miracle incarnation of his uncle, who died in September 2020 as a result of Covid-19. Do you have faith in REINCARNATION? He penned.

Chance Hurstfield wit her Father
Chance Hurstfield with her Father (source: Facebook)

He urged his fans to guess the baby’s gender and declared that the first thing he wanted to teach the infant was how to be an actress.

Not only that, but the Fatman star also expressed gratitude to God for taking care of everything.

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Posts of Thanks to His Parents

Hurstfield never misses an opportunity to remind his parents how much he appreciates them on Instagram. He does it all, from wishing them a happy birthday to thanking them on Father’s and Mother’s Days.

On the occasion of his mother’s birthday in June 2020, the aspiring actor sent gorgeous photographs of himself with his mother and her two daughters, wishing her the finest day of her life. In the message, he praised his mother’s tenacity and bravery.

His mother was born in Mexico and later went to Vancouver for college, he explained. Even though she didn’t know a single word of English at the time, she soon acquired the language and made many friends. Hurstfield also stated in the article that he greatly admires and loves his mother.

The actor also claimed that his mother, Aby, makes the best tacos and is a wonderful mother to him and his two younger sisters, Faith and Luna. Aside from that, he complimented her for her unwavering support of his job and hectic schedule.


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Similarly, on Father’s Day in June 2020, Hurstfield published photos with his father, declaring him the best father ever. He thanked his father, Adam, for devoting the last decade of his life to assisting him in realizing his aspirations.

The actor has traveled all around the world at such a young age, and he credits his father for making it possible. He feels extremely fortunate to have a father who takes him on thrilling trips across continents. He also talked about the duo’s fantastic experiences in Japan, Italy, Australia, England, and other countries in the piece. Hurstfield also stated that he hopes to make more memories in the future.

The artist described his father as a family man who is kind, witty, and an outstanding human being who constantly stimulates and inspires him.

In the post, he not only wished his biological father, but also his stepfather, Sutherland, a Happy Father’s Day. He appreciated and praised his stepfather for caring for his mother and sisters.

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