Céline Dion

Celine Dion Has Decided To Continue with Ballet – It Once Helped Her Lose Weight!

Céline Dion, the Grammy Award-winning singer, has been doing ballet since 2016, and she claims it is one of the reasons for her weight loss.

Dion’s Weight Loss Journey Through Ballet

Dion has always enjoyed dancing, claiming that it is in her DNA. She had always wanted to be a ballerina, and after her husband died in 2016, she was able to fulfill her dream. René Angélil, Dion’s spouse, died of throat cancer in 2016. Following this traumatic occurrence, Dion dedicated her heart, mind, and soul to her newfound love of ballet.

Body shamers had been scrutinizing Dion’s appearance. In an interview with People, she debunked all claims that she was anorexic and suffered from eating disorders. She claims that the main reason for her weight loss is that she has been working hard and doing ballet four times a week, in addition to basic stretches and workouts.

“‘She’s a lot thinner,’ people say, but I’m working hard. I enjoy moving and the benefits that come with it (weight loss).”

She also stated in a separate interview with Danny Wootton that she is doing this for herself and that if people like it, they should like it, and if they don’t, she should be left alone to do what she wants.

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Pepe Muoz, Dion’s close friend, has influenced and motivated her to pursue this newfound love. She’s been dancing and training with him for a while now. The 51-year-old singer has always been a fantastic dancer, so it’s no surprise that she can also perform ballet. Looking at the photographs and videos Dion has been uploading on social media, the training has clearly paid off.

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Fans Have Been Exceptionally Generous

Despite the body shaming and false rumors that have surrounded Dion, her supporters have always been supportive. Fans have only good things to say about her ballet career and have continuously shown their admiration for her through comments and likes on her social media pages.

Her fans describe her as “wonderful” and “brilliant” in all she does.

For many people, losing weight is a massive achievement that is frequently hampered by criticism. It’s exciting to witness someone in her 50s, like Dion, achieve an ambitious level of toned figure. For everyone on the road to fitness, this can be a motivating factor.

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