Robert William Flay

Is Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay Dating Anyone At Present?

Robert William Flay, best known as Bobby Flay, is an Emmy Award-winning chef and the host of several cooking shows, including Brunch at Bobby and Iron Chef America.

Flay went through three divorces, one of which made news when it turned ugly.

Despite his many divorces, chef Flay remains optimistic about finding his soulmate, and he even tried dating a Hollywood beauty.

Flay Sophie, is the Daughter of Robert William Flay

Despite his inability to maintain romantic relationships, Flay is quite the contrary when it comes to his bond with his daughter Sophie, whom he had with his second wife, Connelly.

Sophie, who was born on April 16, 1996, has a tight relationship with her father. On their official Instagram pages, the father-daughter combo frequently posts images of each other.

Sophie is an ABC7 community journalist.

The Always Hungry Podcast is hosted by a father-daughter team.

They let their hair down on the podcast and discuss numerous cooking-related issues. The most recent of which focused on the duo’s thoughts on what constitutes a good cookbook.

Despite not being in a relationship, dating, or married as of 2021, the Chef appears to be doing just fine with his daughter’s love and support and his enthusiasm for the culinary arts.

Robert William Flay and his daughter
Robert William Flay and his daughter

Chef Bobby Flay is “Very Single,” According to Him

Bobby Flay, the popular celebrity chef, is now unmarried. Flay, who was formerly dating actress Helena Yorke, revealed in October 2019 on his show, Beat Bobby Flay, that he was “extremely single.”

I’m not married. She (Helena York) threw me out the door.

Flay and Yorke first met at a Knicks game in 2016 and began dating soon after. Flay told E! News that they enjoyed cooking together and that he admired her cooking flair.

There are many things I admire about her, one of which is her enthusiasm for so many things, one of which is eating, but she also enjoys cooking…

We cook together, so she’ll say, “I’d want to prepare this,” and I’ll stand next to her and assist her.


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Bobby Flay’s Personal Life

Chef Flay’s marriage began at the age of 26 when he married his first wife, Debra Ponzek.

Ponzek and Flay, who both enjoy cooking, met at a Meals-On-Wheels charity event and married less than a year later in 1991. Their marriage, however, ended after only two years; the couple divorced in 1993.

Flay met Kate Connelly for the second time a year later and found the love of his life for the second time.

Connelly, a Food Network host, was a single mother with a 9-year-old boy. The couple married in Bolo in October 1995 and had a daughter named Sophie in 1996.

Flay’s second marriage, however, was also brief; the pair separated and divorced in 1998.

Flay’s two unsuccessful marriages did not prevent him from falling in love again, and he began dating Stephanie March, the star of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

The two met on a blind date at New York’s famed Nobu restaurant. In an interview with CNN, March said she remembers thinking, “Oh my my, this is the rest of my life.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t! The couple married in 2005 but divorced after ten years. March accused Flay of emotional neglect and adultery in the year leading up to their divorce. After their divorce, it took five months for them to reach an agreement.

Despite all of his failed marriages, the outdoors-loving chef appeared to be looking for love when he began dating Yorke. However, this romance, like his previous ones, came to an end.

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