Amanda Balionis

CBS Reporter Amanda Balionis Uses Yoga To Help Her Live A Healthy Life!

“There are few things in life that can’t be fixed by sports, dogs, and coffee.” These are the lines from CBS Sports announcer Amanda Balionis’ Instagram bio, and they pretty well sum her up.

Amanda primarily reports golf and does sideline reporting for select football games, as she is a sports fan who has played in Division II. She is a yoga instructor as well as a golfer. But wait, there’s more.

The CBS Sports broadcaster is also a member of Team Callaway, a golf company where he formerly worked as an in-house digital video creation. She is also passionate about sports and has a soft spot for dogs, which she frequently promotes through adoption.

Is Amanda a Certified Yoga Instructor?

Three years after discovering yoga, Amanda received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification. She received certification in Baptiste-style training and has been teaching introductory yoga sessions on a weekly basis.

The reporter has also worked with to give yoga courses for golfers, which she described as “accessible and useful to golf swings” and “would make players supple and powerful in the game if practiced consistently.”

Her confidence in golf was aided by Yoga

Amanda talked about her dream come true experience of being asked to play the classic course at Oakmont Country Club in an interview with She was nervous at first because of the historic occasion, but thanks to yoga, she was able to remain calm in such a trying scenario. She then played a game of golf with two of the club’s kind members.

In the same interview, the 35-year-old said that doing yoga had given her greater mental benefits as well as made her physically stronger.

Golf and yoga, Amanda said, are comparable in that both demand a strong mental game. Golf is a game that involves both physical and mental power, and practicing yoga off the course can help golfers retain control on the course.

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Amanda Wants to Make a Lifetime Connection Between Humans and Dogs

Amanda is the president of Puppies & Golf, an organization dedicated to fostering human-canine companionship. The objective of the organization is to defend and advocate for dogs in need of companionship by supporting and promoting groups dedicated to bringing humans and dogs together for a lifetime of purpose and love, with a focus on war veterans. Amanda’s objective of aiding dogs through Puppies & Golf is supported by a variety of the manufacturer’s merchandise and products.

In addition, the CBS sportscaster is believed to volunteer at a no-kill animal sanctuary in each location she visits on the job. In her Instagram stories, she advocates for adoption by documenting all of the pets in need.

Amanda not only helps dogs find new homes, but she also teaches yoga courses to raise money for other charities.

For Amanda, golf is more than just a hobby

Amanda, who was born in Pittsburgh, began playing golf at the age of nine. Her golf-obsessed parents enrolled her in lessons, and she has been hooked with the sport ever since.

In 2011, Amanda became an in-house reporter and host for the PGA TOUR (the organization that oversees the major professional golf tours for men in the United States and North America). She was in charge of producing and reporting on the highlights, shows, and events from the tournament.

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