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Canadian Actor Victor Garber’s Husband Rainer Andreesen Is A Successful Model And Is Still Active In The Field In His Late 50s!

Victor Garber, a Canadian actor, has been married to Rainer Andreesen, an artist and model, for six years. Andreesen, who is 58 years old, continues to model when he is not creating art.

Andreesen’s Modeling Experience

According to Vanity Fair, Andreesen is one of the best-dressed men of 2014, and he continues to model even in his late 50s. He had no intention of becoming a model at first. In an interview with the Skinny Arms, he admitted that despite his enthusiasm for painting, he had no idea how to make a living at it.

Andreesen was working in various advertising firms in Vancouver as a Graphic Design student when one of his clients called him to take some images for a modeling job, which later turned into a department store campaign.

The 58-year-old artist claimed he had no idea he could model and attributed his success to fate, saying he was in the right location at the right time. Andreesen’s first job was to walk the runway for Giorgio Armani, and he’s been modeling ever since.

I’d always wanted to travel, and this was the ideal opportunity. I eventually handed over my design clients to another firm and spent the next two years traveling around the world from my base in Italy.
The model relocated to New York after two years of working in Europe. He has since worked and modeled for a variety of companies and publications. Andreesen understands what to wear and what suits him best after being exposed to a variety of brands and styles.

Andreesen stated that his future ambitions include continuing to paint and model for as long as he can while also enjoying the trip. Wilhelmina, Heffner Management, and Richard’s Models are the three modeling agencies with whom he is now associated.

The Artist Andreesen

The 58-year-old is a great artist recognized for his portraits as well as a model. He’s been painting with watercolors since he was five years old, and with oil paints for more than two decades.

Andreesen describes his style of art as classical portraiture in an interview. He admitted that his main goal is to capture the subject’s likeness and spirit. His paintings have the impression of appearing realistic from afar but abstract from close range, which is the artist’s technical intention.

The 58-year-old claimed that the lighting and curiosity in his inspirations are crucial factors in his pictures, drawing inspiration from what he sees and individuals he encounters. Andreesen’s paintings, which are mostly figurative and gray matter portraiture, can be seen on his website.

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Andreesen and Victor Garber, his husband

For almost two decades, the model and artist have worked with the Family Law actor. Garber acknowledged his relationship with Andreesen to blogger Greg Hernandez during the TV Critics Association Press Tour.

The LGBT couple married in October 2015 after 16 years of being together.

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